10 Ways Laboratory Label Experts Can Help You Boost Your Lab’s Efficiency (VIDEO)

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At EIM, we work with you to create the custom, personalized laboratory labels your lab needs to efficiently run your business! But what exactly do we mean when we say ‘custom’ labels? Let’s count the many ways The Label Experts can bring their lab labeling skills to your business’ service!

1) We’ve got the mileage! EIM has been making laboratories temperature resistant cryogenic labels since 1990.

2) Our customization capabilities give us flexibility to rapidly respond to developing situations. Such as the first few times we worked with labs to develop our first covid test kit label sets.

3) Sometimes one, two, or three different labels just aren’t enough! When tracking requirements are off the charts, we help lab clients create multi-label sets to streamline their admin. We’ve gone as high as 42 labels per individual study participant—talk about super-sizing your label order’s complexity!

4) We put in the work to meet government regulations for labeling. Most recently, we completed the process for labeling Class I, II & III medical devices.

5) Speaking of standards, we’re pros at meeting internal standards as well, like our work with Hologic® to become one of their preferred label suppliers.

6) We also help our lab and university clients mitigate supply chain issues by prequalifying substitute label materials.

7) We know accuracy is of vital importance for our clients conducting life-saving work. Continually evaluating and double checking our product quality is a normal day of business here at EIM.

8) In the middle of a lab label catastrophe you can’t figure out? We’ve seen almost everything when it comes to label failure issues. The Label Experts can help you troubleshoot performance issues to figure out WHY label failures are happening.

9) If the product you need doesn’t exist, we work with you to develop new labels that solve performance issues. Some of our earliest trademarks as a company were for developing slide labels that resisted harsh solvents and chemicals like alcohol, xylene, and DMSO.

10) No size is too small, big, or complicated. Unlike sellers of bulk, pre-made lab labels, our custom processes mean we can make almost any size or shape of label.

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