Industrial Barcode Services

Durable “Labels That Last” for Manufacturing & Industrial settings

In industrial applications, tracking manufacturing processes and inventory with bar code labels can be an essential part of getting the job done – often under extreme conditions. That’s why we’ve created ruggedly reliable labels that can stand up to all sorts of challenging conditions including, but not limited to, abrasion, moisture, temperature extremes, chemicals, solvents and rigorous quality standards. Visit our store to see our selection. Our Label Experts are standing by to help you. If you don’t see the right label to fit your harsh environment needs, we will work with you to find a custom solution. Contact Us.

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Warehousing Services

Durable Barcode Labels for Warehouses & Shipping

Warehousing, distribution and shipping rely on bar code labels for automation and efficiency like almost no other industry. That’s why Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. provides products with the highest levels of performance and dependability – from labels to printers, software and scanners. Visit our store for a wide array of labeling choices. Our Label Experts can help you find what you need fast. And if you don’t see a label for your specific needs, we will work with you to create a custom solution.

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Packaging Labels

Packaging & Retail

Verified, Quality Retail Barcodes for Your Products & Packages

Packaging encompasses all sorts of materials used to protect and promote products for sale, storage and distribution. To Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. that means providing labels for everything from high-quality brand identification on primary labels all the way down to tertiary, bulk shipping labels used in warehouses and shipping. We recognize the fact that the quality of packaging (and labels) can reflect directly on a buyer’s perception of a product’s quality, and that they are essential parts of successful marketing. We also know that reliable, easy-to-read barcodes are critical for processing inventories, shipping and―perhaps most importantly―successful scanning of the Retail UPC Barcodes at the cash register!

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Laboratory and Healthcare Labels

Laboratories & Healthcare

Durable Barcode Labels for Vials, Slides, Plates, Cassettes, Cryogenics & More

Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. is a leading provider of barcode & labeling solutions for laboratory & healthcare facilities as well as for manufacturers of medical devices & supplies. We recognize the need for lab labels to handle extreme conditions such as cryogenic storage or rigorous chemicals, stains and solvents like xylene or acetone. Not only must a label adhesive hold up, but so must the printed information as that conveys critical product, patient or testing information that you simply must not lose!

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Asset Labels

Asset & Property

Durable Barcode Labels for Your Assets

Barcode labels for asset tracking and property management are typically encoded with unique identifiers, and in fact, many people compare asset labels to car license plates.  Asset labels and tags are used to keep track of all your valuable assets and property―from office furniture to equipment, tools, computers, fixtures, and much more. Whether you want just your name and a distinct ID number or a complete Rating Plate or Nameplate, we can make Asset labels to fit YOUR needs!


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Label Experts for Over 30 Years!

Electronic Imaging Materials (EIM) is your manufacturer of high-performance labels used in digital printing technologies. As problem-solvers, we meet challenging label applications with unique materials and high-quality printing systems for barcodes and other variable printing. “Labels That Last” is our slogan – a fitting motto for a company that focuses on providing the very best, longest-lasting and most durable labeling solutions. We are the Label Experts!

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5 Star Rated Customer Service!

Customer satisfaction is always our goal. EIM receives customer feedback from brief surveys we send out after orders are shipped. We take this input very seriously – good or bad. If there are complaints, we swiftly respond and take action to correct problems. If there are positive remarks, we share them knowing it takes the entire team at EIM to be successful.


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