The Label Experts

The Label Experts

Taking the confusion out of barcode labeling since 1987.

Industrial Barcode Labeling

Durable Labels That Last for Manufacturing

Need a heavy duty label that actually sticks? Tracking manufacturing processes and inventory with barcodes can be an essential part of getting the job done – often under extreme conditions. That’s why we make ruggedly reliable labels that stand up to all sorts of tough, challenging conditions. Conditions including abrasion, moisture, temperature extremes, chemicals, solvents and rigorous quality standards. The Label Experts are here to help you. If you don’t see the right label to fit your harsh environment needs, we will work with you to find a custom solution.

Laboratory & Healthcare Labeling

Durable Barcode Labels for Tubes, Slides, Plates, Cassettes, Cryogenics & More

High performing labeling solutions for test tubes/vials, slides, plates, and more. Designed for extreme conditions such as cryogenic storage, rigorous chemicals, stains and solvents like xylene or acetone, and freezing temperatures. Not only must a label adhesive hold up, but so must the printed information as that conveys critical product, patient or testing information that you simply must not lose!

Asset Tags & Property Labels

Durable Barcode Tags for Your Assets

Identify and manage your valuable assets with a label that last! We study your application to deliver durable labels made-to-order exactly to your requirements, even for extremely harsh environments. Whether you want just your name and a distinct ID number or a complete rating plate or nameplate, we make asset labels to fit YOUR needs.

Warehouse Labeling

Durable Barcode Location & Shipping Labels

Warehousing, distribution, and shipping rely on barcodes for automation and efficiency like almost no other industry. That’s our specialty. Send us your warehouse inventory data to create barcode location labels, including rack and floor labels. We work with warehouses around the globe to provide complete warehouse print solutions for any condition. As a result, it’s just one less thing to worry about.

Cryogenic Test tube vial with a barcode label being placed in a beaker in a laboratory

Labels for a deep freeze?

Yep, we’ve got ’em.
We are your CryoLabel® Experts!

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