Labels & Tags
for Lumber & Wood Products

Easily track wood products from the log to the shipping and receiving dock, all the way out onto the retail checkout counter with our wood labels.

Our lumber labels encompass a wide variety of materials suitable for not only stock-yard labeling but also furniture or cabinet making applications.

Barcode label kiln tag on lumber in a warehouse

Heat Resistant Lumber Kiln Tags

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Heavy duty lumber kiln tags survive the toughest environments, including long-term outside storage, high temperature kilns, and the rigorous demands of lumber processing.

  • Organize and track inventory
  • Long-term outside storage
  • Made-to-order size options
  • Able to withstand lumber processing chemicals
  • Survives high temperatures up to 300
  • Can be purchased as printable blank tags
  • Preprinted, barcoded, & color options available

Below are some of our most popular lumber label and tag materials. We have many wood labeling products and can make them to any size you want. You can review product specifications below.

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Label Materials

  • Direct Thermal Label Materials

  • 208 Paper Label

    Appropriate for general purpose label applications.
  • 209 Paper Label

    Cleanly removable adhesive. This is a good choice for furniture and cabinet making.
  • 257 Sythetic

    Offers durability, longer-lasting print and resistance to abrasion and moisture.
  • Thermal Transfer Label Materials

  • 310 Matte Paper

    Provides excellent print quality. The permanent adhesive is aggressive and suitable for a wide variety of applications.
  • 631 White Glossy Plastic

    General purpose & waterproof.
  • 672 Removable and Reusable White

    Offers a truly unique acid-free adhesive that will permanently stick to all types of surfaces and yet will cleanly remove and leave no residue.
  • 547 White, Smooth Plastic

    Extra aggressive adhesive. Works well on a variety of hard-to-adhere-to surfaces, especially rough-textured wood surfaces like pallets.
  • Thermal Transfer Tags

  • 429 Plastic Tag

    Meets the requirements of many wood processing applications. Tear resistant and flexible, will hold up to stapling and punching. Also available in Yellow (428). Suitable for short-term outdoor use.
  • 560 Tyvek® Tag

    Strong, lightweight, flexible, and smooth. It is resistant to water, chemical abrasion and aging
  • 430 Ultra Durable Plastic Kiln Tag

    This rigid gloss tag works for both indoor and outdoor applications. It handles temperature extremes and harsh environments, including chemical and solvent exposure. 

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