Durable lumber kiln tags withstand the harshest conditions, enduring prolonged outdoor storage, high-temperature kilns, & the demanding requirements of lumber processing.

Nameplate & Calibration

Durable nameplate & calibration labels essential for a wide range of equipment, including power tools, pumps, computers, & HVAC units. Capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, moisture, abrasion, & chemicals, ensuring proper identification at all times.

Electronics & Circuit Boards

Shop our line of durable & cost-effective PCB labels for electronics & circuit boards. Polyimide (KaptonĀ®) labels are designed to withstand rigorous electronic manufacturing processes, while providing ESD protection & flame retardant capabilities.


Forensic specialists rely on us for tamper-evident labels to maintain security & integrity. We offer forensics labels for sample collection & have a great selection of materials to handle tough, rigorous laboratory testing involving chemicals, solvents, cryogenic storage & other abuse.