Resources: Data Files

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Barcode Data File Requirements

Submitting Your Barcode Data File Preparing your barcode data file properly in Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program can ensure the labels & barcodes you receive are exactly as requested, and can potentially expedite your order. Here’s how it works: For variable barcoding, place your coding in a column, like this: *This order will […]

Warehouse Data Files

Important initial information: Rack Label spreadsheet format: Totem Label spreadsheet format: If you still have questions about setting up your warehouse data files, send The Label Experts your questions.

Warehouse Labels Guide

Setting up your warehouse labels can be an extremely complex operation and making sure you meet the correct label requirements needed for your operation is no exception. Here is a quick guide and resources for you to establish your exact needs and requirements, to let us help make this as seamless and easy as possible. […]