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Effective & Efficient Floor Labels

Our thinnest floor label solution yet, FloorCode™ Streamline Shields.

Laminated barcode label on the floor of a warehouse next to a forklift of pallets

Designed for High Traffic Warehouses

FloorCode™ Streamline is a reliable solution that won’t damage your floors. This rugged shield handles high-impact, extreme traffic and heavy equipment, while its thin profile reduces the chance of pallets catching the edges. Streamline is made from powerhouse plastic polycarbonate— as a result, it’s one of our strongest options available.

  • Made-to-order sizes & shapes
  • Easy to clean—just wipe off dirt & grime
  • Ultra-thin profile makes it less likely to catch, or be easily ripped up
  • Easy to install & cost effective to replace
  • Wide service temp range

Choose FloorCode™ Streamline to cover labels you already have or are printing in-house. Streamline’s clear, velvet finish reduces glare & makes it easy to scan your barcodes. If you don’t have your own floor labels yet, ask The Label Experts about blank labels & barcode printers!

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*For optimal results, DO NOT use Direct Thermal labels with your FloorCode™ Streamline shields.

Label Materials

  • 787 Polycarbonate FloorCode™ Streamline

    Specifically designed for floor marking applications where human readable and barcoded information is needed. FloorCode™ Streamline 787 has a clear, velvet finish that reduces glare, and can be cleaned with general purpose cleaners. The strength of polycarbonate protects labels against heavy traffic and yet is thin enough to avoid becoming a tripping hazard.

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