PCB Labels

Our polyimide (Kapton®) and other durable, cost-effective PCB labels will withstand rigorous electronic manufacturing processes and provide ESD protection as well as flame retardant capabilities. Your circuit board component identification labels need to hold up!

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ESD Protection

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The manufacturing process for printed circuit boards and other high heat production processes place special demands on barcode labels.

Our PCB labels can withstand:

  • Soldering
  • Galvanization
  • Harsh abrasion
  • ORH1 fluxes and high-pressure washes
  • Flames
  • Temperatures ranging as high as 1000°F (537°C)

Our ESD labels provide static dissipative top surfaces and low charging pressure sensitive adhesives, preventing potential electrical damage to sensitive electronics when the label is printed, handled, and applied.

In an effort to reduce the use of hazardous materials in electronic equipment, as well as to encourage the recycling of these products, EIM also offers high temperature labels that meet the following directives:

Directive 2002/95/EC – RoHS

Directive 2002/96/EC – WEEE

You can review product specifications below to determine which label meets your requirements.
Still not sure which label is right for your application? We’ll send you free label samples to test >

Label Materials

  • 410 2 mil White Polyimide

    Withstands higher temperatures up to 600F associated with Lead-Free Solder processes. 
  • 405 2 mil White ESD Polyimide

    Offers a highly reduced level of electrostatic discharge created when labels are removed from a liner or PCB.
  • 636 2 mil Gloss White

    General purpose polyimide.
  • 340 2 mil White Polyester

    Excellent scratch and water resistance. Recommended for post-solder circuit board marking only.

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