Safety & Warning Labels

Our safety and warning labels are designed in bold, eye-catching colors to warn employees, visitors, or the general public of hazardous conditions, preventing errors and injury. Common uses include warnings for toys, household cleaners, machinery, electrical equipment, chemicals, and infant products.

Fragile sticker on a shipping box

Product Highlights

Most safety and warning labels must be extremely durable, even outdoors.  Many must meet the design and material requirements of US and International agencies such as ANSI, ISO, NEMA and OSHA’s Global Harmonized System.

We also carry UL Recognized labels that typically bear safety-related information such as warnings, cautionary markings, installation instructions or electrical ratings.

We provide blank die cut labels and compatible printing ribbons so you can print your own durable warning labels on any thermal transfer printer. Many of our labeling components have already been thoroughly pre-tested by UL to meet performance requirements such as legibility retention, resistance to defacement and permanent adhesion to a surface.

  • We can print your safety labels using single or multiple colors.
  • For extra durability we can add film overlaminate to protect your labels against abrasion, chemicals, solvents, dirt, grease and even UV sunlight.
  • We also have special adhesives for long-term permanent bonding to difficult surfaces such as plastic, metal or concrete.

British Standard BS5609—Certified 671 with Inkjet

When printed with our Jetrion Ink, our 671 White Gloss Plastic meets the British Marine Immersion Label Testing Standard. View the 671 spec sheet or speak to The Label Experts to find out more about EIM’s other BS5609-compliant materials capable of handling the harshest of marine conditions.

You can review product specifications below to determine which labels meet your requirements.
Still not sure which label is right for your application? We’ll send you free label samples to test >

Label Materials

  • 119 Matte Silver “VOID” Tamper Evident Polyester

    Ideal for property, asset, and equipment marking in high moisture, heat and solvent resistant environments.  Strong adhesive will fracture and leave the word “VOID” on surface if removed.
  • 340 White Polyester

    This high-performance adhesive is aggressive and permanent. Works especially well on glass, metals and high surface energy plastics. Can handle up to two years of outdoor exposure.
  • 444 Semi-Gloss Silver Polyester

    UL Recognized for Indoor/Outdoor use with occasional exposure to lubricating oil and water. Special gloss coating allows for high quality barcode printing and easy scanning.
  • 475 Gloss Clear Chemical Resistant Polyester

    Proven to hold up to laboratory exposure to alcohol, xylene, DMSO and other tough agents.
  • 628 White Polyester EnduraLabel

    Special adhesive technology for rough or low surface energy plastics. Combo of face-stock and adhesive is engineered to resist harsh chemicals found in automotive and electronics industries.

*Our labels meet UL standards when printed with specific printing ribbons. View individual product spec sheets above or talk to The Label Experts to ascertain product requirements for your application.

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