Hologic Compatible

Labels for Hologic’s Qualification Process

Electronic Imaging Materials is a trusted and preferred supplier of labels for Hologic brand diagnostic and medical imaging solutions. EIM has completed Hologic’s qualification process and is ready to work with you to design labels that can be easily configured with your Hologic machines such as the Tomcat Instrument, ThinPrep® 5000 & Panther Fusion® System.

Label Capabilities & Customization

Labels for Hologic machines are available in a range of different chemical resistance levels, ensuring that your solution stands up to xylene, alcohol, and additional chemicals that it may encounter in your diagnostic processes. Your labels are made-to-order, giving you the freedom to dictate label shapes/sizes and further customize with color-coding or brand imagery. Additionally, our team of Label Experts is well equipped to handle complex variable data.

Quick Turnaround Time

Product turnaround time is of utmost importance to us! Contact us today to start the process.