Resources: Barcodes

Whether you’re looking to better understand barcodes and their applications, trying to manage data files, design and print labels, utilize software tools for efficiency, or access reliable technical support, EIM has you covered.  Access valuable learning materials for barcodes, data files, labels, software, and technical support by selecting a category in the dropdown menu above.

Barcode Data File Requirements

Submitting Your Barcode Data File Preparing your barcode data file properly in Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program can ensure the labels & barcodes you receive are exactly as requested, and can potentially expedite your order. Here’s how it works: For variable barcoding, place your coding in a column, like this: *This order will […]

Labels 101 – Getting Started

A Comprehensive Guide to Everything Labeling: Getting Started Barcode Labels Are you thinking about using labels for the first time? Wondering how serialized barcodes work with your inventory? Or perhaps you need a refresher? Whether a naïve first-timer or a seasoned customer, you’re in the right place for a full rundown on labels and barcodes. […]

Barcode Labeling – Getting Started

Barcode labeling is everywhere. Barcodes are everywhere! Supermarket products, library books, packages, and smartphone screens. Many forms of barcode languages, or symbologies, can be found in barcode labeling. That number continues to increase as technology becomes more sophisticated. Through barcoding’s evolution, symbologies were purposefully designed for solving particular problems, sometimes each uniquely linked to specific […]

Frequently Asked Label Questions

If you can’t find the answer you need among our frequently asked label questions, The Label Experts are just a phone call or email away. Ask us anything! Do you sell labels? Yes! We sell made-to-order labels to industries ranging from laboratory to manufacturing, to warehouse and beyond. We have access to hundreds of specialty […]

Barcode White Papers

EIM provides series of WHITE PAPERS, or technical guides, to be used by our customers as resource tools. In our Barcode White Paper section we have added articles about specific barcodes and the applications where they are most popular. By reading through our materials, you will learn how to recognize certain codes, how to print […]

Label Layout – Label Lingo

Don’t let label layout and the idea of ordering labels scare you. The Label Experts at Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. can easily help you define not only the right label material, but the right label size and label format to fit your application and printing requirements. Label Layout A typical label or tag has a […]

Barcode Types

Explaining the Different Barcode types Here’s an easy way to understand how barcodes work: think of them as a more technologically savvy way to transfer strings of characters. They are basically a license plate that is linked to data files. These strings of characters can designate all types of information. Rather than manually writing and […]

Warehouse Data Files

Important initial information: Rack Label spreadsheet format: Totem Label spreadsheet format: If you still have questions about setting up your warehouse data files, send The Label Experts your questions.

Should I Print In-House Barcodes?

Printing In-House Barcodes – You Print Why Should I? It’s CONVENIENT & COST-EFFECTIVE. Printing on-demand will always be quicker than having to wait for someone to print your labels and then ship them to you. You can skip the entire ordering process including attaching specifications and data files. Once you’re familiar with your printer and […]

Print File Requirements

Artwork Requirements At A Glance: If you want EIM to print labels for you, here are some guidelines for submitting full color artwork. Scroll down for more detailed information on how to provide the best possible source artwork and illustrations for us to produce your labels. Files Accepted:TIFF, PDF, EPS, and high resolution JPEG images. […]

Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Labels

Comprehensive blank thermal label solutions When you need to print labels on demand, direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels from Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. are affordable, easy-to-use solutions. We offer a wide range of blank roll labels designed for all makes and models of printers. These labels can be die cut to any custom […]

Warehouse Labels Guide

Setting up your warehouse labels can be an extremely complex operation and making sure you meet the correct label requirements needed for your operation is no exception. Here is a quick guide and resources for you to establish your exact needs and requirements, to let us help make this as seamless and easy as possible. […]