Anodized Aluminum

Our customizable, durable anodized aluminum Met-L-Mark® tags meet the unique needs of extreme industrial environments. Near immune to abrasion, chemicals, weather exposure, & temperature extremes, with a 20-year expected life rating.

Automotive & OEM Parts

Tackle tough conditions with automotive labels for under-the-hood, interior, & exterior components. Industrial strength labels work with a variety of surfaces under difficult conditions, such as grime, oil, chemicals & solvents. Can also be protected with a thick layer of overcoat laminate for ultimate durability.

Cable, Wire & Hose

Improve work efficiency & safety with self-laminating cable labels. These labels help you quickly identify wires & cables of all sizes, with a white print area and clear wrap-around protection.

Chemical Resistant Labels

ChemDefend are durable and chemical-resistant labels you can print in-house, saving time and money. Choose from white or silver options, customize with black or full color printing, and add graphics, barcoding, or simple text.

Cold Storage & Shipping

Ensure your label's adhesive stays strong in the cold. Our cold-temp labels are designed to withstand icy temperatures & the challenges of cold chain logistics. Navigate cold storage & shipping confidently with securely labeled products.

Cryogenic & Freezer

We manufacture customized cryogenic labels for various laboratory sciences. Our CryoLabel® line handles cryogenic temperatures and adheres to a variety of vials, test tubes, and plates. Select freezer label solutions available.

Drum & Barrel

Our drum & barrel labels bond permanently to rough surfaces of steel & plastic containers, handling harsh transport & storage abuse, including extreme weather & salt-water immersion.

Electronics & Circuit Boards

Shop our line of durable & cost-effective PCB labels for electronics & circuit boards. Polyimide (Kapton®) labels are designed to withstand rigorous electronic manufacturing processes, while providing ESD protection & flame retardant capabilities.

Equipment & Machinery

EnduraLabels for equipment & machinery—permanent, heavy-duty labels for rugged manufacturing environments. These industrial strength labels have an ultra-aggressive adhesive for secure bonding to the dirtiest & grimiest surfaces. Oil-resistant & weatherproof.


Designed with high-traffic warehouses in mind, FloorCode™ Streamline is a reliable label solution that can withstand high-impact traffic & heavy equipment without damaging your floors. Its thin profile reduces the risk of pallets catching the edges, making it one of our strongest options available.


Forensic specialists rely on us for tamper-evident labels to maintain security & integrity. We offer forensics labels for sample collection & have a great selection of materials to handle tough, rigorous laboratory testing involving chemicals, solvents, cryogenic storage & other abuse.

Furniture Labels and Tags

Simplify your furniture labeling process with our product labels, specifically designed for solid wood, architectural laminate, and other furniture surfaces.