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Barcode Labeling – Getting Started

Barcode labeling is everywhere. Barcodes are everywhere! Supermarket products, library books, packages, and smartphone screens. Many forms of barcode languages, or symbologies, can be found in barcode labeling. That number continues to increase as technology becomes more sophisticated. Through barcoding’s evolution, symbologies were purposefully designed for solving particular problems, sometimes each uniquely linked to specific […]

Frequently Asked Label Questions

If you can’t find the answer you need among our frequently asked label questions, The Label Experts are just a phone call or email away. Ask us anything! Do you sell labels? Yes! We sell made-to-order labels to industries ranging from laboratory to manufacturing, to warehouse and beyond. We have access to hundreds of specialty […]

BarTender Setup Tips

BarTender® Technical Support Installing the Printer with the Seagull Printer Driver: If you are using your label printer with print software besides manufacturer specific programs like Zebra’s ZDesigner, we recommend you install and use Seagull’s printer driver. This Windows-compatible driver works well for printing from BarTender®, Microsoft Word, and most any other Windows program that […]

Label Design Software for MacOS

The Great Debate: Mac vs. PC They say you’re either a Mac person or a PC person… and people will certainly defend their opinion on the matter! Both Mac’s and PC’s work fine and these days, and many of their functions are quite similar, so people’s preferences can be split right down the middle. Some […]