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Marking special collections and artifacts with museum labels should be handled with extreme care. We provide labels that keep valuables intact while remaining readable and properly affixed. Specialty acid & wood free label materials ensure a proper identification that won’t degrade or alter specimens with time. We’ve worked with various departments, including archaeology, historical, art, botanical, and more.

Erica W. | The Huntington Library
Erin was amazing and took time to help us find the right labels for our needs and was patient with us while we were testing samples and making the right choice for our storage areas.
Archival Barcoded Label Skull

We’ve provided museum labels to many special collections:

  • Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology
  • International auction houses & movable pieces
  • Books in academic and public libraries
  • Botanical gardens and horticulture societies

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Label Materials

  • 617 Thermal Transfer Acid-Free Paper

    Alkaline-based, bright white paper material with acid-free adhesive for marking valuable photos and documents. Excellent print quality. Although not as durable as a polyester label, works well in a variety of conditions, such as warm containers and freezer storage. NOTE: Not for Laser or Inkjet Printing
  • 690 Thermal Transfer Acid-Free Polyester

    This opaque, gloss white material contains an acid-free adhesive for non-invasive labeling, as well as maintaining excellent flexibility with chemical and tear resistance. Great permanent bond to many museum & archival surface types. NOTE: Not for Laser or Inkjet Printing

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