Rugged Pallet Labels

Are your product locations on the go? Warehouses often optimize storage by moving things around a bit.

But how do you move location markers with products? Pallet Labels!

barcode labeled wooden pallet in a warehouse

Pallet Labels for Wooden Pallets

Barcoded or not, our Pallet Labels can be virtually any size and have special color coding for quick locating. Our 547 label bonds to both wood and plastic wraps.

We offer:

  • Custom printing
  • Print-your-own blank labels
  • Full color, graphics, barcoding or simple text options
  • Customizable size and shape

You can review product specifications below to determine which labels meet your requirements.
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Label Materials

  • 547 White, Smooth Plastic

    Extra aggressive adhesive. Works well on a variety of hard-to-adhere-to surfaces including plastics, shrink wrap and rough-textured wood surfaces. Rated for 1-2 year outdoor use, it offers excellent chemical, water and smudge resistance.
  • 310 Ultra-smooth Coated Bright White Paper

    Provides excellent print results. Offers good smudge-resistance in all kinds of thermal transfer printers and is good for smooth flexo printing. “Quick-stick” aggressive adhesive handles a variety of temperatures and is excellent for applications such as labels that need to be applied to packaging films or surfaces like plastic, metal or wood.

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