Met-L-Mark® Metal Asset Tags

Forget ever having to label equipment again! Met-L-Mark® metal asset tags have a 20-year expected life rating, most importantly, printed information is virtually impossible to dull or fade thanks to a protective seal.

Jeswin R. | Roadside Systems
Excellent customer service, easy to work with, high quality, and very communicative! We use barcode stickers on heavy-duty machinery. We've had no issues installing them and they stay stuck pretty well.
Met-L-Mark anodized aluminum metal barcode asset label on a machine

Metal asset labels for:

  • Shipment crates & containers
  • Outdoor generators
  • Warehouse racking
  • Roofing & construction equipment

Our Met-L-Mark® metal ID tags for equipment are made-to-order, and are custom printed with full color, graphics, barcodes or simple text.

Review our label product specifications and make sure these ultra-durable labels meet your requirements. Still not sure if these labels are right for your application? We’ll send you free label samples to test >

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Label Materials

  • 798 Met-L-Mark®

    Super durable metal tags. Near immune to abrasion, chemicals, weather exposure, and temperature extremes. Print is sealed underneath an anodized oxide clear finish, as a result, they provide years of use and accurate barcode reading. Sticks well to plastics, metals, and powder coatings. Can be made with holes for hanging or other attachment.

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