Permanent White or Silver

Our durable polyester asset labels bond to tough surfaces & are protected against chemicals & weather exposure. They come in unlaminated or laminated options with a matte or glossy finish. Perfect for outdoor equipment, machinery, electronics, & office inventory.

Removable & Reusable

Our EverPeel® asset labels allow for clean & repeated peeling & reapplication of labels, even after long periods of use. Ideal for labeling inventories with duplicate or cycled numbers, simply reuse EverPeel® labels without the need for reordering more!

Tamper-Evident & Security

Our security labels are impossible to remove cleanly, leaving behind clear evidence of intrusion. Durable options for both indoor & outdoor applications. Can be customized in various sizes & shapes, with options for full-color or blanks.

Equipment & Machinery

EnduraLabels for equipment & machinery—permanent, heavy-duty labels for rugged manufacturing environments. These industrial strength labels have an ultra-aggressive adhesive for secure bonding to the dirtiest & grimiest surfaces. Oil-resistant & weatherproof.

Racks, Shelves & Bins

Looking for the ultimate solution to improve your inventory picking? Look no further than our top-notch warehouse rack labels, bin labels, & shelf labels. With our durable & long-lasting labels, locating items efficiently has never been easier.

Automotive & OEM Parts

Tackle tough conditions with automotive labels for under-the-hood, interior, & exterior components. Industrial strength labels work with a variety of surfaces under difficult conditions, such as grime, oil, chemicals & solvents. Can also be protected with a thick layer of overcoat laminate for ultimate durability.


Durable lumber kiln tags withstand the harshest conditions, enduring prolonged outdoor storage, high-temperature kilns, & the demanding requirements of lumber processing.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Ensure your label's adhesive stays strong in the cold. Our cold-temp labels are designed to withstand icy temperatures & the challenges of cold chain logistics. Navigate cold storage & shipping confidently with securely labeled products.


Our self-print ready Code-N-Seal® allows you to print durable self-laminating labels on-site. Labels come paired with a clear laminate for added protection. Print, peel off & apply your label, then apply the laminate. Enables you to print industrial-grade laminated labels in-house whenever you need to, increasing efficiency & control in your process.

Nameplate & Calibration

Durable nameplate & calibration labels essential for a wide range of equipment, including power tools, pumps, computers, & HVAC units. Capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, moisture, abrasion, & chemicals, ensuring proper identification at all times.

Anodized Aluminum

Our customizable, durable anodized aluminum Met-L-Mark® tags meet the unique needs of extreme industrial environments. Near immune to abrasion, chemicals, weather exposure, & temperature extremes, with a 20-year expected life rating.

Safety & Warning

Electronic Imaging Materials offers UL Labels Services for customers selling consumer products regulated by Underwriters Laboratories. Our three UL programs provide materials, printing services, & guidance in following labeling requirements.