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Removable Labels

Our EverPeel® plastic removable label is designed to be removed and used over and over again.

Thanks to a very special adhesive, Everpeel® labels will permanently adhere to all types of surfaces and yet cleanly remove from even glass.

person peeling off a removable and reusable EverPeel barcode label for warehouse racks

Removable & Reusable Labels!

Call them what you will…removable, repositionable, re-useable…these thermal transfer labels will save you time and money. No more having to buy extra labels or use expensive magnets or placards. Everpeel® labels come preprinted with barcodes and color-coding or blank for printing-on-demand.

The versatility of Everpeel® makes it fit for any workspace. Unlike magnets, it does not require ferrous metal to stick to. The possibilities are endless: warehouse racks and bins, retail POS labels and coupons, furniture and cabinets, window and mirror decals, and even work-in-process and instruction labels.

You can review product specifications below to determine which labels meet your requirements.
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Label Materials

  • 672 3 mil White EverPeel® Plastic

    This thermal transfer material is an economical labeling solution that can be removed and reused several times—even on glass. Also available with matte laminate.
  • 673 2.5 mil Clear EverPeel® Plastic

    This transparent thermal transfer label has excellent UV resistance and is ideal for window and mirror stickers. It can be reused numerous times.
  • 678 2 mil Gloss White Polyester

    Eco-friendly, top-coated glossy polyester label with removable adhesive. Excellent ink adhesion and superior heat resistance.
  • 772 6.1 mil White Laminated EverPeel® Plastic

    This thick, extra-durable material is designed for continued reuse. It comes preprinted in single or full-color, with a protective, printable overlaminate so you can add more data on-site.

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