UL Labels – Taking the Confusion Out of UL

Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. offers a complete selection of UL Labels Services for customers aiming to sell consumer products regulated by the safety and quality standards of the Underwriters Laboratories.

Our three UL programs give you access to a full complement of materials and printing services, as well as our knowledgeable guidance in following UL labeling requirements.

Microwave appliance with a UL label on the side

Blank UL Labels
& Printing Ribbons

For many years now, we have offered label and black thermal transfer ribbon combinations for customers wanting to print their own UL Labels. These products fall under the UL category called “PGJI2 File #MH27790 for Components – Printing Materials” which means they have been fully tested by UL for print legibility and retention, resistance to defacement and adhesion to end-products. We have 18 popular materials and 12 ribbon formulas that have been fully tested by UL on a wide variety of surfaces under specific temperature ranges, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Printing UL Marks

In order to print Listing, Classified or Component UL Marks (aka the UL logos), EIM complies with the “PGAA File #LP1983 for Authorized Label Suppliers” program. Depending on whether customers need labels for device components (such as switches) or finished products (like lawnmowers), there are specific label design elements we must meet.  

In some cases, UL may even have to issue a purchase order to us so that we can produce such labels for you.  If you want to print your own UL Marks, you will need to fill out an application and pay a one-time fee to receive formal authorization from UL.

UL Printed Labels

More than likely, you may need to have a printed label applied to your product that will permanently adhere to a specific surface and use conditions.  This label may or may not need to have an official UL Mark on it; additional printed information beyond the UL Mark typically includes warnings, instructions or other important safety information.

We can print finished UL labels under the “PGDQ2 File #MH48554 for Marking and Labeling Systems – Component.”  A key advantage for having your UL labels printed for you by EIM is that we can print them in FULL COLOR! Like our blank label UL program, the label materials are fully tested to the same standards we mentioned earlier.

If you want us to add the UL Mark to these informational labels, then we will have to comply with both the UL Mark and Printed Label standards. This means UL Approved drawings and purchase orders may be required.

NOTE: For those new to UL, we suggest you check out our “Getting Started with UL” web page. Also, trying to figure out what UL 969 is?

EIM makes finding the right UL Labels a simple part of your UL Recognition. 

Even if you don’t need an official “UL Label,” there may be times when you are simply concerned about a label’s durability. You can rest easy when you ask for a “UL Recognized label material” knowing that it has been fully tested under specific surface and application conditions. The Underwriters Laboratories is a highly respected global agency with some of the most rigorous testing facilities and requirements in the label industry!

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