Getting Started with UL

You see UL Marks EVERYWHERE – on more than 9 billion products every year – from the light you turn on in the morning, to your coffee pot, the computer you are staring at right now, the drinking fountain at break time, or the roof over your head.

For those who are not familiar with UL, Underwriters Laboratories (aka UL) is a trusted global agency dedicated to assuring product compliance between manufacturers, retailers and consumers, as well as other regulatory agencies. Over the past hundred years, UL has developed more than 1000 safety standards to protect consumers. Millions of products are regularly tested to ensure public safety and improve quality. There is no certification program more widely accepted or recognized by regulatory agencies, insurance companies or consumers!

Unfortunately, the UL system can be confusing, risky, costly and intimidating. Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. is here to help take away some of that frustration and make your UL Labeling experience successful.

First Step: If you have a new product that you want to bring to market and want to learn how to get it UL Recognized, you need to Contact the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Next Step: While you are waiting for your UL Product Recognition, don’t forget your labels! Do you know what you need or want to put on your labels? UL will provide guidelines, but you will definitely need at least one label with some form of their UL Listing, Classified or Component Mark. Other UL Recognized labels often bear safety-related information such as warnings, cautionary markings, installation instructions or electrical ratings.

Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. is here to help guide you step-by-step through the whole UL labeling process. We have a wide selection of already tested label materials to meet durability requirements for print legibility and adhesion to your product. By using pre-qualified label materials, we can save you extra steps and lot of time and money in getting your end-product fully UL Recognized. EIM makes finding the right UL labels a simple part of your UL Recognition.