Wrap-N-Vu® Cable Labels for Wires & Hoses

Durable cable label marker, hose, medical grade tubing, and wire identification for laser and inkjet printers

Improve work efficiency and safety by keeping track of your cables, wires, and hoses with a self-laminating Wrap-N-Vu® cable label from EIM. Wrap-N-Vu® labels were designed to help you identify all sizes of wires and cables quickly, clearly, and economically.

These labels have a white print area at one end, and an extended piece of clear material at the other to wrap completely around your cables. This laminates the printed information and protects it from scratches, water, chemicals, and solvents.

barcode labeled hoses on a warehouse floor

Wrap-N-Vu® Pre-Printed Cable Labels

We specialize in custom printed sheet and roll form cable labels. Cable labels are available partially or fully printed, in full color or black and white so you can color code your wires or add graphics.

Customized solutions are our forte. The Label Experts are standing by to help you design the perfect labels to meet the needs of your application.

Wrap-N-Vu® Blank Laser & Ink Jet Cable Labels
We specialize in blank wire and cable marking labels for printing on demand with sheet-form laser and inkjet printers. Our laser cable labels are available in 16 different sizes, in 17 different formats to cover all of your wire and cable marking needs—including the popular CAT 5 and CAT 6 network cables. Made of clear polyester rated for service from 0°F to 275°F, our laser cable labels are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

They can be easily formatted with any PC connected to a laser printer and we supply simple Microsoft® Word templates that will be e-mailed to you upon purchase.

Download a Wire Sizing Chart (PDF)

Review our label product specifications and make sure these ultra-durable labels meet your requirements. Still not sure if these labels are right for your application? We’ll send you free label samples to test >

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