Permanent White or Silver

Our durable polyester asset labels bond to tough surfaces & are protected against chemicals & weather exposure. They come in unlaminated or laminated options with a matte or glossy finish. Perfect for outdoor equipment, machinery, electronics, & office inventory.

Removable & Reusable

Our EverPeelĀ® asset labels allow for clean & repeated peeling & reapplication of labels, even after long periods of use. Ideal for labeling inventories with duplicate or cycled numbers, simply reuse EverPeelĀ® labels without the need for reordering more!

Tamper-Evident & Security

Our security labels are impossible to remove cleanly, leaving behind clear evidence of intrusion. Durable options for both indoor & outdoor applications. Can be customized in various sizes & shapes, with options for full-color or blanks.


Our self-print ready Code-N-SealĀ® allows you to print durable self-laminating labels on-site. Labels come paired with a clear laminate for added protection. Print, peel off & apply your label, then apply the laminate. Enables you to print industrial-grade laminated labels in-house whenever you need to, increasing efficiency & control in your process.


Forensic specialists rely on us for tamper-evident labels to maintain security & integrity. We offer forensics labels for sample collection & have a great selection of materials to handle tough, rigorous laboratory testing involving chemicals, solvents, cryogenic storage & other abuse.

Museum, Archival & Library

Our specialized archival labels are both acid-free & wood-free, preserving the integrity & legibility of valuable items tracking. These labels & tags guarantee accurate identification without causing degradation or alteration to your specimens over time.

Cable, Wire & Hose

Improve work efficiency & safety with self-laminating cable labels. These labels help you quickly identify wires & cables of all sizes, with a white print area and clear wrap-around protection.


Paper labels for indoor assets. Made from high-quality materials, these cost-effective labels offer our full range of printing & customizing services. Use them for inventory management, organization, & any indoor application.