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Labels for Silicone Surfaces

Silicone surface? We’ve got an Industrial solution that will stay stuck.

Materials infused with silicone are notorious for their stubborn resistance. However, The Label Experts have developed a solution to help you label silicone with ease. 

SiliCode Barcode labeled silicone hose

Product Highlights

SiliCode™ labels are are high-performance polyesters designed to permanently adhere to silicone and siliconized surfaces. They tout excellent chemical and UV resistance and have a temperature range of up to 302°F. NOTE: SiliCode™ is not recommended for retail or personal applications.

We regularly recommend SiliCode™ labels for silicone surfaces for the following uses: 

  • Automotive hoses and belts
  • Custom injection molded plastics or rubbers
  • Medical Tubing
  • Airbag fabrics
  • Surfaces in contact with silicone release agents
  • Any surface coated with silicone

Don’t see your silicone application on the list? Don’t fret. Silicode™ cooperates with almost any silicone or siliconized surface. We’re happy to send free samples, so you can see for yourself.

Customize Your Labels

All of your labels are made-to-order: cut, sized, and shaped to your exact specifications and printed with any text, barcodes, and graphics upon request. NOTE: Silicode™ is only available in black and white.

Print Your Own Silicode™ Labels

Even the most challenging applications should have labels that can be printed on-demand. SiliCode™ blank labels are available so, you can print with any thermal transfer printer.

Stop searching for workarounds and start sticking to your silicone. Request your free SiliCode™ samples today.

Label Materials

  • 676 SiliCode™ White Polyester for Siliconized Surfaces

    Gloss thermal transfer material offers a smooth surface and excellent stability in a variety of temperatures as well as superior resistance to moisture, scratches, chemicals and UV light. The thinner facesheet offers very good conformability and eliminates edge lifting in applications with small radius curves such as airbags and hoses.

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