Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Labels

Comprehensive blank thermal label solutions

Rolls of Blank labels or varying sizes

When you need to print labels on demand, direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels from Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. are affordable, easy-to-use solutions. We offer a wide range of blank roll labels designed for all makes and models of printers. These labels can be die cut to any custom size, in quantities from one hundred labels to hundreds of thousands. The Label Experts will listen to your application and recommend the right stock labels, or help with developing a custom roll.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Used for product ID, record keeping, lab specimens, circuit board manufacture, outdoor and cold storage, thermal transfer labels are ideal for printing long-lasting variable data. These labels typically offer greater durability than direct thermal, sheet style inkjet or laser labels. Utilizing roll-form labels and printing ribbons, this technology uses less heat to transfer a printed image than other methods, giving you the widest variety of materials to work with. You also have the most extensive choice of adhesives to fit special labeling applications. A well-matched ribbon and label make a print bond so strong that protective film laminates are not usually needed.

Thermal Transfer Printing Ribbons

Thermal Transfer Printing Ribbons

Unlike many suppliers, we offer an expansive cross-section of high-quality ribbons made by some of the most trusted companies in the label industry. We thoroughly test our ribbons to assure consistent, reliable performance to meet application requirements. See which ribbon prints best with each material, along with common applications.

Direct Thermal Labels

Commonly used for shipping labels, receipts, name tags, picking and event tickets, direct thermal labels do not require ink, toner or a transfer ribbon. The label has a special heat-activated layer where a black print image is formed on the label as heat from the print head is applied. Eliminating the ribbon makes for easier use and a lower cost per label, but not without sacrificing durability. Direct thermal labels are not recommended for demanding condition, such as outdoors.