Materials for Direct Thermal Labels & Thermal Transfer Labels

Blank Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Labels

Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. offers a wide range of blank roll form labels designed to fit all makes and models of printers. These labels can be die cut to any size you need and we can provide small quantities as well as thousands of labels. If you are uncertain about which label stock will best suit your needs, The Label Experts are available to discuss your application in detail.

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Multiple rolls of blank white adhesive labels

General Purpose Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer labels are the choice when it comes to printing variable information on demand. Thermal transfer labels typically offer greater durability than sheet style inkjet or laser labels. In our General Purpose Series, we offer three product choices to meet a wide variety of needs. Thermal Transfer labels require a Thermal Transfer Printing Ribbon; we offer many different ribbon formulas and formats to fit all kinds of label printers.

Thermal Transfer Paper (Good)Our matte white paper labels provide excellent print quality and an aggressive permanent adhesive suitable for a wide variety of applications such as packaging and shipping labels. Recommended Printing Ribbon: T38/T39
Thermal Transfer Plastic (Better)Our economical plastic labels offer excellent resistance to water and smudging. They are flexible and well-suited for applications where durability, strength (they will tear only if nicked) and excellent printability are important. They have an all-temperature adhesive with high initial tack on low-surface energy plastics, painted metal, fiber drums and textured surfaces. Common uses include asset-tracking, product marking, drum and HMIS labeling. Outdoor durable for 3 to 6 months depending on climate conditions.
Recommended Printing Ribbons: T68/T69 or T96/T97 Resins.
Thermal Transfer Polyester (Best)Our standard polyester labels are waterproof, scratch / tear resistant and provides excellent durability. They come with an aggressive permanent acrylic adhesive. Applications include instrument marking, long-term outdoor durable labels, asset-tracking and post-solder circuit board marking. This material has been tested for autoclaving pressure-wash applications up to 50°C. (UL Recognized for indoor/outdoor use.)
Recommended Printing Ribbon: T84H/T85

Thermal Transfer Labels for Special Applications

UPC LabelsSave time and money by printing your own UPC Barcode labels. These labels are made from one of our popular matte white paper stocks with a permanent adhesive. Excellent print quality results for easy to scan barcodes. Choose from our popular stock sizes or ask about a custom size. Recommended Printing Ribbon: T38/T39.
Chemical Resistant LabelsThese specially formulated, chemical-resistant polyester labels are perfect to applications such as chemical drum labels, long-term outdoor durable labels, part tracking labels and post-solder circuit board marking. They are especially appropriate in clinical laboratories where tough chemicals and solvents are used. The material is waterproof and its adhesive is solvent and temperature resistant. Printing Ribbon: T66
Warehouse Retro-LabelsFor long-distance barcode scanning (up to 30 – 40 feet), use our special Retro-Reflective label stock. Recommended Printing Ribbon: T84H/T85.
EnduraLabelMade with an “Industrial Strength” Polyester, these labels are designed with a superior adhesive to aggressively bond to rough, high textured substrates, oily and greasy surfaces and low-surface energy plastics. They can endure the harsh conditions of manufacturing, construction, and automotive work and are great for labeling tools, equipment or storage containers like drums and stocking bins without a lot of surface pre-cleaning. Rated for up to two years outdoors. Recommended Printing Ribbon: T84H/T85.
Freez-R-Mark™Need a label that can survive a deep freeze? Our gloss-coated plastic labels have an aggressive “Freezer” adhesive featuring excellent initial tack and ultimate bond to flexible packaging and corrugated, even when applied at freezer temperatures. They are also an excellent option for applications where the label can be applied to packaging materials at room temperature and then subjected to -40°F blast freezing. You will find it even adheres to many surfaces that have frost or moisture buildup. Recommended Printing Ribbon: T84H/T85.

Labels for Direct Thermal Printers
General Purpose Direct Thermal
Direct thermal labels do not require a printing ribbon. This type of label has a special heat-activated layer where a black print image is formed when heat from the print head is applied. Eliminating a printing ribbon makes for easier media loading and a lower cost per label. Note: Direct thermal labels are primarily used for short term use. They will eventually fade or brown with age and will turn black if exposed to heat or strong sunlight.

Direct Thermal PaperThese affordable direct thermal paper labels are appropriate for general-purpose labeling applications.
Direct Thermal PlasticThese synthetic direct thermal labels offer better durability, longer-lasting print and resistance to abrasion, moisture, and chemicals.