Freezer Proof Labels for Every Stage of Cold Chain Logistics

Can your labels take the chill? Cold temps and frozen surfaces are the longtime nemesis of adhesive backed labels. Particularly labels that need to survive the frigid temperatures of cold chain logistics.

Adhesive failure on labels due to low temps can lead to serious problems tracking and identifying products. General purpose adhesive used in labels not made for cold temperature environments doesn’t stand a chance because it doesn’t have the correct chemical makeup to successfully bond to a surface in a low temp environment.

So how do you make sure your label will make it through the entire cold chain journey, from start to finish? You talk to The Label Experts!

Entrance to a cold storage warehouse with labels for cold chain logisticsCold Storage Warehouse Environments

You need to preserve your products’ peak condition and freshness. So you store your perishables in a cold warehouse, since they would spoil at unregulated temps! But now you have a labeling problem.

Our top label for cold storage environments is freezer rack labels. Perishable products need inventory tracking with barcode rack labels. But unlike labels used in a typical ecommerce fulfilment facility, these labels need to stick to frozen metal racks.

We usually provide customers with inhouse staple Freeze-R-MarkTM for challenging freezer racks. We’ve also used our CryoLabel® material for customers whose storage needs to go lower than 18°C. The freezer-friendly adhesive in these materials allows the label to maintain its bond under even the most frigid of temperatures. Using these materials ensures freezer racks stay clearly labeled and pickers can easily locate product, ensuring fast ship times.

Labels for Temperature Sensitive Shipping

Time to ship your temperature sensitive product! For products shipped in refrigerated cargo holds, we use Freeze-R-MarkTM as shipping container labels. No more worrying about product labels falling off mid-chilled-trip.

We also use various CryoLabel® materials for special shipping containers that maintain perishables’ temperatures with dry ice when shipping in unregulated environments.

Since this type of container frequently ships pharmaceuticals, we also offer labels for the smaller items shipped inside as well. For example, many COVID-19 vaccines are being shipped in these temperature-controlled thermal containers. For the glass vaccine vials stored inside, we make a CryoLabel® that won’t flag up when wrapped around already frozen tubes.

Need Help? Ask The Label Experts!

If your freezer rack or cold shipping labels are failing, give The Label Experts a call! We’re happy to help you find the perfect solution.