FloorCode™ Streamline Makes Floor Labeling Easy, Affordable

The life of a warehouse supervisor can be a difficult one. They have to identify all the materials and keep track of how it moves from one place to another. They need something that will handle a lot of abuse, both on their shelves and on the floor. Labels tend to meet their needs for racks and bins, and it isn’t too much of a problem if they have to replace one once in a while. They can even use plastic placards to suspend labels above certain locations – but the ceiling is pretty high and that can be REALLY difficult (and dangerous)

White barcoded warehouse floor label affixed to cement floor

Sometimes there is no choice but to put location identification on the floor. Ideally the boss wants to use barcodes as they make tracking the goods so much easier, faster and more accurate. But just how do they go about labeling the floor?

  • They’ve tried labels that you have to lay down with two-part epoxy. Very messy, smelly, and slow!
  • Then there are those thin vinyl marking tapes that never last; if they’re lucky, they get a few weeks of use out of them. They won’t be able to use barcodes either, and the tapes become unsightly and hazardous as they peel up with pallet jack wheels.
  • They’d rather not have to drill holes in the floor to apply metal frames. That takes even more time and energy. Never mind the fact that the forklift operators simply love to see if they can rip them up! It’s sort of a challenge to them to prove those frames are not totally indestructible.
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Well, that’s where EIM comes to the rescue!!! Thanks to creative engineering, we now have a unique and affordable way to label floor locations. Our rugged FloorCode™ Streamline is designed as a 2-part labeling system consisting of a durable preprinted label and a rugged polycarbonate-laminate to protect it from all types of abuse.

The special thin laminate prevents lifting from heavy forklift traffic, and isn’t a tripping hazard. It is made to protect the label beneath with a smooth finish for easy barcode scanning, and it is simple to clean with just a rag and isopropyl alcohol. An aggressive adhesive holds the label and laminate securely, far outlasting any other floor marking tape available!

The best part is that FloorCode™ is easy to install! No more broken drill bits or wasted time… you simply CLEAN and dry the floor, STICK the label down and COVER the label. FloorCode™ Streamline eliminates time-consuming maintenance like having to paint or replace vinyl tape all the time. And if you do need to make a labeling change, minimal effort is required to remove it–all without damaging the floor! If you are like us, seeing is believing―so contact The Label Experts for FREE FloorCode™ Streamline samples!