Self Laminating Labels – Code-N-Seal®

Our Innovation Team’s Brainchild: Code-N-Seal® Self Laminating Labels!

The newest design of “Code-N-Seal®” labels comes from the inspirations of our own Innovation Team, a group of creative co-workers with various backgrounds in production, sales, and marketing. What makes these labels so unique is their “piggyback” format – a term we use in the labeling industry to describe labels that have two layers of labels and adhesive―one on top of the other―until each label is removed and applied to a surface.

An Asset Label You Can Laminate Yourself

User placing a clear/laminate label on top of a smaller printed label
Figure 1. The user is placing the clear/laminate label on top of the slightly smaller, printed label.

The Innovation Team conjured up the idea of Code-N-Seal® piggyback labels, using a special white polyester label and a clear polyester laminate (aka overlay) that are both extremely durable materials and resistant to harsh chemicals, abrasion, etc. In designing this piggyback construction, the clear laminate is placed on the label backing (aka liner) first and then the white material is put on top of that (hence the term “piggyback”).

As shown in Figure 1, after the white label is printed, you affix it to the surface you want labeled. Since the clear laminate is cut slightly larger than the white label, the white label easily comes off the roll. Then you just peel the clear laminate off the liner and place it on top of the printed label.

User scraping a label after being subjected to an acetone rub
Figure 2. The label being scraped after being subjected to an acetone rub.

Being larger, the laminate also completely seals the edges of the printed label from moisture, chemical or solvent invasion. Figure 2 demonstrates a Code-N-Seal® label being subjected to an acetone wash and repeated scraping with a metal tool. (Note: Thanks to special engineering, no adhesive residue is left on the clear overlay even though both the label and laminate have aggressive, high-performance adhesives.)

Easy, Customizable In-House Printing

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Simply put, the idea behind EIM’s durable Code-n-Seal® labels is that our customers can easily print their own laminated labels—which we previously had to do for them. In the past, if you wanted extra durable labels with a protective film overlay, EIM would make them using one of our unique printing, laminating and die cutting presses. This new “piggyback” design allows you―the user―the freedom and flexibility to print your own laminated labels exactly when you need them.

To make ordering quick and easy for you, we are offer in stock and ready-to-ship Code-N-Seal® self laminating labels with a 1.875” x .875” label and a 2.00” x 1.00” laminate.  We can also custom make these labels in virtually any size or shape, and should you want color-stripes or colored logos, EIM offers partially preprinted Code-N-Seal® labels, leaving enough space for you to add your own data with your own printer.

Imagine all the possibilities and flexibility this offers!  Code-N-Seal® labels are perfect for any kind of asset or property identification. To get more information and free samples of Code-N-Seal® contact The Label Experts. We hope you will love this Code-N-Seal® product as much as we do!