Category: Asset Tracking

Custom Metal Equipment Labels for a Cruise Ship Line 

A cruise ship line approached us for custom equipment labels for their new vessels. The initial request seemed straightforward. They needed 10,000 custom labels pre-printed with their logo and a QR code. But, as we delved into our cruise ship operator’s equipment labeling needs, we discovered a myriad of potential issues.    Equipment Labeling Challenges […]

The Importance of Piggyback Labels: Enhancing Efficiency & Organization in Healthcare 

Discover how piggyback labels optimize efficiency and address specific healthcare industry challenges in this month’s Customer Spotlight!  We recently had the pleasure of working with a small, family-focused neonatology pharmaceutical company in New York. As a leader in creating critically important products for treating premature infants, their mission is to improve outcomes for premature babies […]

Long-Term Asset Labels for a Fine Art Storage Facility

When it comes to fine art, The Label Experts know a thing or two about using long-term asset labels for inventory tracking (even if some of us can’t always tell a Cézanne from a Manet). There’s a whole spectrum of labeling needs in the fine art world, from museums, to galleries, to auction houses. Typical […]

Need Labels for Your Asset Tracking Software? We Can Help!

The Label Experts have a long history of creating made-to-order labels for software developers. It’s common for creators of asset tracking software to need a labeling solution that can withstand harsh weather conditions; including extremely high and low temperatures, sun, water, and high winds. One developer we worked with needed to track anything from a […]

Vinyl Asset Labels Weather Ohio Winters—Customer Spotlight

Ohio winters are no joke! That’s what we were thinking when our client, a wind turbine installer, came to us needing outdoor vinyl asset labels. They needed to label their outdoor tools and construction assets, including… collapsible bulk containers? That was a new one for us, but fortunately, our Label Experts consider frigid temperatures a […]

Build a Better Construction Site with Performance Outdoor Labels

You can build a better construction site with The Label Experts! A building site is a never ending puzzle of people, supplies and machinery. Managing the inventory moving through a sprawling construction site can be a nightmare or a dream, depending on the quality of the construction site labels you use to track machinery and […]

Water Survey Labels – Saving our Resources―One Drop at a Time

It is sometimes sad to realize just how much we take for granted in our everyday lives and that a lot of laboratory work involves extensive time and effort to understand the very world around us. For instance―rainwater…Plus the need for water survey labels. One of our customers at the State Water Survey, a division […]

Security Labeling in Equestrian Olympic Sports – Customer Spotlight

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) of the School of Veterinary Medicine, is renowned for its precision in animal DNA testing. Their work encompasses a wide amount of animal lineage verification, forensics, genetics and disease research. One of their interesting programs involves DNA drug testing for equestrian sports. Here blood and urine samples are taken to […]

Self Laminating Labels – Code-N-Seal®

Our Innovation Team’s Brainchild: Code-N-Seal® Self Laminating Labels! The newest design of “Code-N-Seal®” labels comes from the inspirations of our own Innovation Team, a group of creative co-workers with various backgrounds in production, sales, and marketing. What makes these labels so unique is their “piggyback” format – a term we use in the labeling industry […]

Color Coding Labels – Pick a Hue That Suits You

Color Coding labels for easy Identification The visual search task is a common chore that humans engage in every day. Humans initially employed visual search to ensure survival. Our color vision has evolved in order to facilitate visual search. That is why color coding programs have been used so often in applications that involve visual […]

Ski Labels – Valet Parking: Customer Spotlight

Ski Labels – Valet Parking for Your Car, Sure! But For Your Skis??? Imagine you are driving up to the formidable Pepi’s Face slope—at one of the foremost ski resorts in America, if not the world—and you are looking forward to a great ski vacation. You get out of your car and a person approaches […]

Tracking Labels Help a Cycling Component Manufacturer—Customer Spotlight

Strong, stable, streamlined and speedy—ever since the wheel was invented, people have been trying to improve it! Extreme wheel performance is of paramount importance to cycling manufacturers. Competitive cycling demands fast wheels and lighter weight that can perform in harsh conditions. For one of our customers who is a cycling component manufacturer, they needed tracking […]