Custom Metal Equipment Labels for a Cruise Ship Line 

A cruise ship line approached us for custom equipment labels for their new vessels. The initial request seemed straightforward. They needed 10,000 custom labels pre-printed with their logo and a QR code. But, as we delved into our cruise ship operator’s equipment labeling needs, we discovered a myriad of potential issues.   

Equipment Labeling Challenges on Cruise Ships   

From scorching hot temperatures reaching up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit in engine rooms, to constant exposure to salty water on open decks, their asset tags needed to be resilient in all kinds of extreme conditions. Additionally, high cleanliness standards in galley kitchens posed the obstacle of chemical cleaning agents.  AND they had to adhere well to the smooth surfaces of hotel and office equipment!   

Talking through these challenges with our client, we emphasized the importance of choosing labels that not only met the durability requirements but also excelled under multiple harsh conditions. What ONE kind of label could withstand sustained use in these demanding environments? Met-L-Mark®, our aluminum metal tags, proved to be the ideal solution.     

Metal Labels for Equipment in Tough Sea Conditions     

As you can see, cruise ships present many challenging environments for asset labeling. When equipment faces saltwater, extreme temperatures, chemicals, and constant vibrations, ordinary asset labels may deteriorate, resulting in illegible or damaged labels.    

Top of mind when we suggested Met-L-Mark® was the anodization process for these aluminum labels. Anodization creates a protective layer on the surface that prevents it from deteriorating when exposed to harsh elements. The exceptional performance of our metal labels truly sets them apart in durability.    

What Makes Met-L-Mark® the Asset Tag of Choice for Our Cruise Line Customers?   

  • Resists corrosion    
  • Maintains performance in extreme & fluctuating temperatures   
  • UV resistance protects against damage     
  • The strong adhesive bonds with surfaces in moist areas, a perfect match for the harsh maritime environment challenges posed by saltwater exposure   
  • Lightweight & non-magnetic, safe for electrical panels & safety equipment   
  • Custom color logos maintain a consistent brand identity throughout the ship   

Equipment Labels that Stand the Test of Time  

By addressing their environmental challenges head-on, we were able to provide our cruise ship operator with labels that not only met but exceeded their expectations, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced safety on board. And we’ve continued to provide Met-L-Mark® for their cruise line, creating custom metal equipment labels for new additions to their fleet! 

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