Don’t Buy More Label Than You Need! Here’s The Most Cost Effective Way to Shop for Labels  

Working with The Label Experts can streamline your purchasing process and prevent unnecessary label waste, i.e. buying the wrong labels, too many labels, or MORE label than you actually need!  

Understanding Common Label Buying Mistakes  

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When buying labels, it’s common to end up with excess in more ways than one! We’ve had numerous customers approach us after getting what they believed were the ideal labels elsewhere, only to encounter problems.

But why does this happen to so many people when they’re trying to buy labels? 

The Most Common Label Purchasing Mistakes

  • Buying labels with extreme adhesive strength (i.e. the stickiest ones) when buying labels with a less aggressive adhesive would work just as well.
  • Most common issue: buying labels without considering the specific conditions and surroundings in which they will be used.

Talk to The Label Experts BEFORE You Buy Labels 

One of the main benefits of consulting with a Label Expert is our ability to assess your specific labeling needs and pinpoint what type of label will work best in your situation. We’ve been doing this since 1987 and have encyclopedias’ worth of knowledge and experience in real-world labeling scenarios.  

Here’s how The Label Experts can help guide you through the most prevalent challenges in label shopping!

Adhesive:  We’ll ask you what type of surface (metal, wood, glass, etc.) the label will be applied to and what kind of environment (cold, hot, below freezing?) it will live in. Extreme adhesives = more $$$ investment and might not be the best option for your project.

Quantity: We’ll ask how quickly you’ll use the labels. Storing some kinds of labels long-term can reduce quality, negating bulk purchase savings when you need to buy replacements.

Endurance: We’ll inquire about the environment your labels will endure. Will they be exposed to harsh chemical cleaners, frequent wear and tear, or bustling activity? These factors play a vital role in determining the most suitable label for your needs.

Ensuring Cost-Effectiveness in Label Purchases

Labeling expenses can add up quickly, especially if you’re buying more labels than you need, or worse, the WRONG labels. By collaborating with The Label Experts, you can confidently make cost-effective label purchases that align with your budget and deliver long-term value.  

We understand the importance of comparing options to find the best labels for your needs. That’s why we offer complimentary phone consultations to assist with any label-purchasing inquiries you may have. Additionally, we provide physical label samples at no cost before you make a purchase. This way, you can touch, see, and test them firsthand to ensure they meet your requirements.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with The Label Experts today!