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Ditch the Magnets with Moveable Warehouse Rack Labels—Customer Spotlight

An international logistics company contacted us because they wanted to purchase magnetic warehouse rack labels for their brand new facility. Normally, The Label Experts go with what the customer wants, but in this case we suspected that the standard ‘perfect’ solution of magnetic rack labels might be overkill. Is There a Good Alternative to Magnetic […]

WMS Labels—Frustration Free! (VIDEO)

It’s that time… your shiny new warehouse management system is almost ready to go live… and then you realize—you forgot to buy WMS labels! Now what do you do? Do you rush to find warehouse labels online, only to get overwhelmed by all the options? Do you give up figuring out which labels you need […]

FloorCode™ Streamline Makes Floor Labeling Easy, Affordable

The life of a warehouse supervisor can be a difficult one. They have to identify all the materials and keep track of how it moves from one place to another. They need something that will handle a lot of abuse, both on their shelves and on the floor. Labels tend to meet their needs for […]

Freezer Proof Labels for Every Stage of Cold Chain Logistics

Can your labels take the chill? Cold temps and frozen surfaces are the longtime nemesis of adhesive backed labels. Particularly labels that need to survive the frigid temperatures of cold chain logistics. Adhesive failure on labels due to low temps can lead to serious problems tracking and identifying products. General purpose adhesive used in labels […]

Ambient Warehouses: The Behind the Scenes Ecommerce Ecosystem

When you find yourself in need of some retail therapy, chances are you log onto your favorite online store and shop away. When you find the item you need or want, you click add to cart, check out, and then the waiting for your package to arrive begins. But where do these items you buy […]

Pylon Label Predicament: Helping America’s Booming Lumber Industry

Here at EIM we are always happy to help one of America’s hottest industries solve their problems to keep their momentum going! And today, it hardly gets any hotter than the lumber industry. That is why we were so excited to hear from Mans Lumber & Millwork,  a 120-year-old Michigan family lumber business. They came to […]

Top 3 Things Your Business Can Do to Reduce Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

When we tell our customers we want to help them implement supply chain risk management strategies so they don’t run out of labels, reactions can sometimes be along the lines of “Huh?” After all, it’s just a little label, how hard can it be to keep it in stock? But when it comes to supply […]

Long-Range Labels – Barcodes Readable from Long Range

Long-Range Labels, a Story It was another dark, routine morning, driving to work in the fog that seemed to have won the fight against the sun—just like it had been for the past week or so. Squinting hurts your eyes as headlights reflect off the street signs. Signaling the cars behind you as you pull […]

Warehouse Location Labels for Frozen Vegetarian Meals – Customer Spotlight

Family Owned and Naturally Grown in Need of Warehouse Location Labels Beginning in the 1980s there were very few options for vegetarians on the go. Frozen food companies were not directing their attention towards this type of customer and people were just beginning to notice the lack of selection every time they visited the grocery […]

2D Barcode Labels – Out with Retro, In with 2D

One of our customers is a perfect example of adjusting to change and they are using new technology to help them continue their growth well into the future. They needed a way to keep track of everything coming and going in their dockside warehouses. With millions of dollars of goods, they wanted a way to […]

Removable Labels – EverPeel<sup>®</sup> for Ever-Changing Needs (VIDEO)

You won’t believe it! Removable labels! Reusable Labels! We actually offer a product where you don’t have to keep buying labels. Don’t re-label – remove and reuse your labels! EverPeel® reusable and removable labels will permanently stick to all types of surfaces and yet they will cleanly remove to be applied over and over again. […]