Warehouse Location Labels for Frozen Vegetarian Meals – Customer Spotlight

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Beginning in the 1980s there were very few options for vegetarians on the go. Frozen food companies were not directing their attention towards this type of customer and people were just beginning to notice the lack of selection every time they visited the grocery or health food store.

In stepped a small family that had been eating and growing natural food for decades. Like many others, they saw the need for quick, easy vegetarian meals and decided to do something about it! They started their own company using their own home and a barn as headquarters. Luckily for them, they were a hit. They grew to become a leading seller of frozen meals-to-go for not only vegetarians (as they had originally planned), but also for anyone who was conscious of their diet and who wanted a healthy, tasty meal that could be ready in a jiffy.

Completely vegetarian frozen meals are what the family set out to create and they have stayed true to that concept for well over twenty years. Everything is made from organically-grown ingredients, which benefits not only the consumer but also the growers and the environment. Their frozen meals are entirely vegetarian; no meat products are ever added. Cooked Pot Pie crust with leaf design made out of extra crust

Their first big hit was a vegetable pot pie. From there, they added such selections as veggie burgers, pizza, Asian meals, chili and much more. They have become the leading seller in frozen vegetarian meals and now provide supermarkets, natural food stores and club stores with almost 90 different types of frozen meals.

They outgrew their small home and moved into a warehouse, and are currently expanding into the United Kingdom. With a dedicated following of customers behind them, what began as an idea from a small family has become a most successful frozen food company. Mom and Dad, a daughter, a couple brothers, a nephew and even a couple grandmothers all helped transform the company―along with 1600+ dedicated employees. Warehouse racks filled with boxes - warehouse location labels

EIM worked with this company to provide them with the warehouse location labels they needed for their new facilities. They chose a combination of retro-reflective, plastic and polyester warehouse labels―some with color-coding, some with lamination, some with barcodes and others with just human readable stock locations. We even printed labels with just arrows and totem-style labels to run vertically on warehouse racks.

They needed a way to quickly and efficiently label their warehouse locations, and EIM was able to help them. Since EIM is also a family-owned business, we can certainly relate to their diligence and compassion and will follow them as they continue to grow.