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Our Ultimate Asset Label Guide

Tracking your assets should never be a one size fits all operation! EIM has a HUGE range of materials for asset labels—from budget friendly paper basics to our industrial laminated EnduraLabels. Here is our asset label guide to hep you along the way. Extensive Label Material Options Our asset labels can stand up to environments […]

FAQ Time: Chemical Resistant Labels—What Works?

One of the top questions we get from new customers is, ‘Do you have labels that will survive XYZ chemical?’ After all, no one wants to fork over the dough for high quality labels only to have THIS happen (note: image pictured is NOT of a chemical resistant label!):   Fortunately, we have a LOT […]

FAQ: What is the Difference Between a Label and a Sticker?

Just what is the difference between a label and a sticker? Is there any? Does it even matter? Yes, and yes!   Labels Stickers What the difference between a label and a sticker comes down to is if it is being used as decoration or to convey information. We hope this quick primer on the […]

Chemical ID Labels: A Key to Success

Chemicals are an important part of many businesses. In labs, doctors’ offices, and even manufacturing facilities, chemicals play a crucial role. But there are many different kinds of chemicals—knowing the exact chemical you are using is very important, this is where quality chemical ID labels come in. Can you imagine the consequences of using the […]

Top 3 Things Your Business Can Do to Reduce Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

When we tell our customers we want to help them implement supply chain risk management strategies so they don’t run out of labels, reactions can sometimes be along the lines of “Huh?” After all, it’s just a little label, how hard can it be to keep it in stock? But when it comes to supply […]

Is This the Label You’re Looking For? (VIDEO)

The Stickiest Label May Not be What You Need When it comes to your labels, you probably feel you need the strongest material and the stickiest adhesive, no ifs, ands, or buts. But is this really the right thing to do? There are many different types of labels out there, each with their own special […]

Laminated Labels – the True Super-Heroes of the Labeling World?

When to use Laminated Labels Labels are often challenged to perform with super-human strength and durability.  We want them to be “permanent” and yet cleanly “removable.” We want them to hold up to constant abuse from moisture, temperature extremes, chemicals, solvents, abrasion, salt spray, acids, and so forth. We want them to fend off the […]

‘Cause I’m Tree, Tree Free

Have you ever noticed how most great things have their own theme songs? Just take Mighty Mouse, Captain Planet, Batman and Underdog, for example. I’d say they certainly deserve it… wouldn’t you agree? So, why not let some of our exceptional labels share in the glory? Our Archival, Lignin-Free, Wood-Free, and Acid-Free Labels are pretty […]

Piggyback Rides and Piggyback Labels

“Want me to give you a piggyback ride?” That is a fairly common question when it comes to children. But would you ever think that labels ride piggyback? Well they do, and it is almost as common as a child getting a piggyback ride. Piggyback labels ride on the back of other labels and move […]

Durable UV Ink Printing

The grass always seems greener on the other side, doesn’t it? Well, in this case, it certainly can be! When it comes to printing inks for your labels, it may seem like color options are rather limited to your standard red, blue, green, yellow, orange, etc. Well, that has all changed now, with the development […]

Make It Last: Use Thermal Transfer!

Would you use gas-receipt paper to keep your important information? You know the stuff: Very thin, flimsy paper that gas pumps, slot machines, cash registers and information kiosks spit out after each transaction. If you don’t crumple it up in a little ball right away, you may tuck it away for an expense report or […]

Plastics and Label Applications: Understanding the Differences in Plastics

To many people, it may be hard to think of labeling as a “science,” but the truth be known, it takes a good amount of technical background to solve tough label applications. For instance, one common question we will ask a customer when they come to us with a special label requirement is “What are […]