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Make It Last: Use Thermal Transfer!

Would you use gas-receipt paper to keep your important information? You know the stuff: Very thin, flimsy paper that gas pumps, slot machines, cash registers and information kiosks spit out after each transaction. If you don’t crumple it up in a little ball right away, you may tuck it away for an expense report or […]

Plastics and Label Applications: Understanding the Differences in Plastics

To many people, it may be hard to think of labeling as a “science,” but the truth be known, it takes a good amount of technical background to solve tough label applications. For instance, one common question we will ask a customer when they come to us with a special label requirement is “What are […]

Cover-up Label – Whoops! Dag-nabbit! %$@#!

No matter how you say it, mistakes do happen. The fix might be a cover-up label. You’ve gone and printed tons of labels – enough to last you a lifetime (or so it seems.) Then you discover that there was a typo of some sort… Or perhaps some vital information was omitted… Or you find […]

Labels for Plastic – Labeling Surface Issues

We recently blogged about Understanding the Differences in Plastics. When it comes to matching the labels for plastic surfaces, there is a lot to take into consideration. First, determine the type of plastic (such as the SPI chart suggests). Then you have to look at other plastic issues: what is the surface energy, how smooth […]

Flexible Packaging Labels – Customer Spotlight

Flexible Packaging Labels for Organics Organic products are booming now that more people want to be environmentally friendly. One of our clients offers organic hygiene products made with coconut oil. For those unaware, coconut oil is the unsung hero of the oil family. Not only can it do wonders at rejuvenating dry, wrinkled skin, but […]

Hot Weather and Labels

The extreme weather patterns across our country (and around the globe) are driving us crazy. Right now we are seeing endless rain, high temperatures and humidity here on the East Coast. This contrasts dramatically with the roasting temps of the Southwest and West Coast to the point we wish we could spread some of our […]

What You Never Knew You Needed…

Everyone needs a toothpick container in their pick-up truck, right? It’s just awful when you get those bits of BBQ meat stuck in your teeth or a chunk of chit’lins or even a glob of green okra. One of our inventive customers wanted to label his “personalized” toothpick visor clips and found our popular Matte […]

CryoLabel® Choices – Taking the Confusion Out of Finding the Right Label

Since 1987, Electronic Imaging Materials has been offering labels for cryogenic storage. Along the way, we have tweaked and improved our CryoLabel® products to fit many different types of extreme cold temperature applications. For instance, our 667 White CryoLabel® that is very conformable and suitable for most cryogenic applications. If you have frozen tubes to […]

Label Ribbon – CSI vs. CSO: What Does That Mean?

When you place an order for printing ribbons, we will ask you what printer model you are using and whether the ribbon is coated side in (CSI) or coated side out (CSO). This refers to how the printing ribbon comes off the roll and feeds through a printer. Printers like Zebra and TSC use the […]

Cold Weather and Labels

The weather is always on our minds these days, especially since we seem to be faced with more and more extreme conditions that swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. This past summer, we saw unbearably hot temperatures and dry conditions added to by all sorts of fires and storms. Now in […]

Labels or Stickers – What to Call them?

Labels or stickers – All labels are stickers, but not all stickers are labels. Labels or stickers. They seem like the same thing, right? Wrong! Yes, they are sticky and may have shiny faces, but they can have very different functions. “Labels” always carry information. They serve a specific purpose such as giving instructions or […]

Is it Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer?

Do you have a roll-form label printer that prints without a printing ribbon? If it doesn’t use ink cartridges, chances are it is what we call a direct thermal printer; some models will print in either direct thermal (aka thermal) or thermal transfer mode, simply by flipping a switch. Many people prefer to use heat-activated, […]