Our Ultimate Asset Label Guide

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Tracking your assets should never be a one size fits all operation! EIM has a HUGE range of materials for asset labels—from budget friendly paper basics to our industrial laminated EnduraLabels. Here is our asset label guide to hep you along the way.

Extensive Label Material Options

Our asset labels can stand up to environments heavy with grease, stick to oily surfaces, contend with extended exposure to the outdoors and stand up to a wide variety of chemicals.

Need to label a tightly curved surface? We’ve got a label for that.

Tricky silicone molds that just don’t like to be labeled? We’ve developed labels that can stick to silicone surfaces!

Labels with Unique Capabilities

We offer tamper evident and destructible labels for customers with high-value assets or evidence chain security issues. Tamper evident labels apply like a regular label—but after the initial bond between adhesive to surface takes place (usually 24-48 hours) attempts at removal make it impossible to move or reuse this label without creating a leftover VOID pattern that stays stuck down when you try to remove it.

Destructible labels apply normally, but chip and break into pieces if anyone tries to remove them—making them impossible to reuse or reposition without evidence of tampering.  

tamper evident destructible and void labels - Asset Label Guide

When you need to print your own asset labels but also need the extreme durability and chemical resistance of industrial grade labels, Code-N-Seal® is your best bet. A blank, cut to size asset label that comes with a companion overlaminate to place over the label to protect it from abuse—providing flexibility and durability.

Alternatively, we also offer laminate-free ChemDefend™ labels. When these extremely durable white or silver labels are paired with chemical resistant printing ribbons they are impervious to many common chemicals and easy to print in-house.

Unique Label Designs

Here’s a look at our most popular asset label layouts. We’ve used these standard designs for customer after customer.

multiple different layouts for asset and property labels

As if that wasn’t all the options you ever needed, check out some of the designs we’ve personally created for our customers! This is just a taster of what our team was able to do for customers with some unique asset labeling situations.

Ideal for ski resorts and large rental companies, this multi-part asset label is perfect for groupings of multiple accessories that need to be kept together—like skis & poles or canoes & paddles.

Multi-part label showing a mountain logo

Similarly, this three-part asset label is great for IT Departments that need to track keyboards, computers, and monitors together.

3 Part Label

This nifty label design gives you two labels for the price of one! The two-piece design can be printed with a barcode that spans both labels and used for two separate products.

Two-piece design label with barcode for two different products

Here’s another neat multi-part design we created. This one is especially useful for the military or aviation industry.

5 part label

If You’ve Got Assets, We’ve Got You

Whew! That was a lot! Thanks for reading Our Ultimate Asset Label Guide. The only element we didn’t cover was sample testing. What’s that? You haven’t received your asset label samples in the mail yet? Well, reach out to one of The Label Experts and we’ll get your free asset label samples in the mail ASAP!