Category: Industrial & Manufacturing

Custom Wood Labels for a Sustainable Packaging Maker—R & D Team Spotlight 

Our R & D Label Experts developed a reusable custom wood labels product for shipping automotive lithium batteries!  One of our long-time customers is a sustainable packaging maker.  They solve packaging, logistics, and supply chain problems by building reusable wooden crates and other custom packaging solutions. Our Label Experts have supplied them with various raw […]

Boosting Security: The Power of Anti-Theft Barcode Labels

The owner of a car wash reached out to us in search of custom car wash stickers for their business. With a unique situation at hand, Label Expert Ed August was up for the challenge of providing a clever solution for their anti-theft label needs. Find out how he tackled this task!  Mandy, the savvy […]

FAQ Time: Chemical Resistant Labels—What Works?

One of the top questions we get from new customers is, ‘Do you have labels that will survive XYZ chemical?’ After all, no one wants to fork over the dough for high quality labels only to have THIS happen (note: image pictured is NOT of a chemical resistant label!):   Fortunately, we have a LOT […]

Rugged Labels for Night Vision Optics—Customer Spotlight

If you nerd out on labels like we do, you find joy in places that others might not. Our loved ones often raise an eyebrow when we spot one of our rugged industrial labels in the wild and shout, “That’s one of ours!” While it might seem silly, it’s exciting to see our labels used […]

FAQ: What is the Difference Between a Label and a Sticker?

Just what is the difference between a label and a sticker? Is there any? Does it even matter? Yes, and yes!   Labels… Convey product information and are used for product packaging, shipping, asset identification, barcoding, and more! Stickers… Are decorative and can be used as promotional items. What the difference between a label and […]

Industrial Packaging Labels, Graphite, and a More Sustainable Future

Environmentally friendly technologies are taking the world by storm. Many nations are making implementation of green tech a top priority. A key component of making this all possible is the manufacturing of electric vehicle batteries and energy storage devices. One of these manufacturers came to The Label Experts with a situation that was impeding their […]

Vinyl Asset Labels Weather Ohio Winters—Customer Spotlight

Ohio winters are no joke! That’s what we were thinking when our client, a wind turbine installer, came to us needing outdoor vinyl asset labels. They needed to label their outdoor tools and construction assets, including… collapsible bulk containers? That was a new one for us, but fortunately, our Label Experts consider frigid temperatures a […]

Build a Better Construction Site with Performance Outdoor Labels

You can build a better construction site with The Label Experts! A building site is a never ending puzzle of people, supplies and machinery. Managing the inventory moving through a sprawling construction site can be a nightmare or a dream, depending on the quality of the construction site labels you use to track machinery and […]

Vehicle Labels – Imports and Labels

Unfortunately, a springtime increase in import prices on consumer goods like automobiles overshadowed a temporary drop in fuel costs. Some of this increase understandably developed as a result of the unfortunate circumstances in Japan that created supply disruptions and led to a dramatic drop in auto imports during April & May 2011. On the positive […]

Microscope Labels – An Optical Reunion: Customer Spotlight

One of our interesting customers that purchases microscope labels has a remarkable history dating back to the mid-1800’s when they first opened their doors as a workshop for precision mechanics and optics in Germany. Their incredibly complex work covered a wide range of product development. By defining the criteria of sharper imaging in optical lenses, […]

Customer Spotlight: Tired of all these tires?

One of our customers is in the green – recycling that is! When they came to us to discuss a tag application for identifying their products, we had no idea that they were an industry leader in collecting and repurposing motor vehicle tires. By finding practical, eco-friendly applications for discarded tires, this company is ridding […]

Bunk Tags—Debunking the Bunk

“What The Bunk?” We recently received a phone call with a unique request. The label seeker declared a need for “bunk tags” to track their inventory. Admittedly, we were a little perplexed by the phrase, but here at EIM, we love a new challenge! As it turned out, they worked for a leading casket manufacturer. […]