Rugged Labels for Night Vision Optics—Customer Spotlight

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Night Vision Optics with rugged labels

If you nerd out on labels like we do, you find joy in places that others might not. Our loved ones often raise an eyebrow when we spot one of our rugged industrial labels in the wild and shout, “That’s one of ours!” While it might seem silly, it’s exciting to see our labels used across many unique industries around the world. However, it might be a little more difficult for us to find the heavy-duty labels discussed in this blog out in the wild.

Earlier this year, a night-vision and thermal optics manufacturer requested label samples from our website. The tactical products they manufacture are used by the U.S. Armed Forces, Homeland Security, and other law enforcement agencies. In their sample request, the customer indicated they required a rugged industrial label that would securely adhere to the plastic housing of their night vision goggles. Because they told us the specific type of surface the label will stick to, The Label Experts were able to confidently select a material that would perform as the customer needed. In this case, a laminated EnduraLabel was the right product for the job.

Why? EnduraLabels are tough and rugged labels with a strong adhesive that bonds to low energy surfaces, like the hard plastic housing of our client’s night-vision goggles. The Label Experts also learned the goggles would be used in varied environments and would need to stand up to the toughest elements. In addition to the strong adhesive bond, EnduraLabels are waterproof and resistant to abrasion, making them ideal for this application.

After putting the sample labels to the test at their facility, the thermal optics manufacturer was pleased with the results and ordered a roll of EnduraLabels for their night vision goggles. When their account manager reached out to them several months later, we were pleased to hear how happy they were with the performance of the labels.

We’re honored to play a small part in helping any organization. Do you have a labeling challenge? The Label Experts are here to solve it.