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Rugged Labels for Night Vision Optics—Customer Spotlight

If you nerd out on labels like we do, you find joy in places that others might not. Our loved ones often raise an eyebrow when we spot one of our rugged industrial labels in the wild and shout, “That’s one of ours!” While it might seem silly, it’s exciting to see our labels used […]

Water Survey Labels – Saving our Resources―One Drop at a Time

It is sometimes sad to realize just how much we take for granted in our everyday lives and that a lot of laboratory work involves extensive time and effort to understand the very world around us. For instance―rainwater…Plus the need for water survey labels. One of our customers at the State Water Survey, a division […]

Super Strength Labels for Structural Steel Fabricators

Which label is EIM’s superhero of adhesive durability and staying power? Unquestionably, our 650 EnduraLabel! Super Strength Labels for Steel The super strong adhesive in our 650 EnduraLabel remains almost liquid, literally pushing away dirt and grime. This super-power allows the EnduraLabel to stick to almost any grade or type of steel, including bar, rod, […]