Super Strength Labels for Structural Steel Fabricators

Which label is EIM’s superhero of adhesive durability and staying power? Unquestionably, our 650 EnduraLabel!

Super Strength Labels for Steel

Heavy duty labels

The super strong adhesive in our 650 EnduraLabel remains almost liquid, literally pushing away dirt and grime. This super-power allows the EnduraLabel to stick to almost any grade or type of steel, including bar, rod, wire, rail, plate, and pipe steel. The EnduraLabel’s polyester face is extremely rugged, resisting the forces of smudging and tearing.  Having such strong barcode labels allows EnduraLabel fans to know almost everything about each product as it leaves their steel mill.

As they fly off the shelves, EnduraLabels can stick to many rough or oily steel surfaces—see for yourself with a free sample. We also work directly with quality control heroes doing metallurgical analysis, as well as visual and in-line ultrasonic inspection—which is almost x-ray vision 😉

Request label InformationIt’s not quite leaping tall buildings in a single bound, but structural steel fabricators build some of the tallest and most complex steel structures using CNC automated fabrication equipment—with barcode EnduraLabels to help keep track of it all. We also help wholesale steel distributors sling orders to final product manufacturers who combine the strengths of multiple components into a final product.

With its penchant for sticky situations, EnduraLabel is not for everyone. But if you need the strongest label hero, call The Label Experts!