Meet Our Production Crew—The Label Experts You Don’t See

Allow us to introduce you to our Production Crew. These Label Experts have a tendency to stay behind the scenes here at EIM, but without their digital printing know-how and mad label making skills, we wouldn’t be The Label Experts you know and love.

To top that off, they’ve been coping with some unique workflow challenges since mid-March. As soon as the effects of COVID-19 became clear, Production employees were split into two separate morning/evening shifts to enable physical distancing between employees, while we figured out how to obtain and implement personal protective equipment and other safety measures.

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Shipping and Receiving Clerk Tim acknowledged that there were some challenges to splitting up EIM’s tight workforce. “My perspective is you may not be able to control as much as you used to, but you are in complete control of your work ethic, so I don’t let the frustration of a lack of control in other areas seep into my work.”

Two production employees at work
Shipping Supervisor Tom and Staging & Finishing Expediter Dan broke out their patriotic PPE.

For Digital Print Lead DeeDee, the shift change meant waking up while most people are still in bed. “This summer, my new normal was the alarm going off at 3:30am, getting up, grabbing something to eat for breakfast later and watching the sunrise.” A consummate early bird, DeeDee found things to appreciate about the early rise time. “As strange as it may sound, I didn’t feel as stressed by the end of the day as I did before. I must admit, I loved getting out of work at noon.  Appointments, exercising, and grocery shopping were all a little easier.”

Shipping Supervisor Tom resolved to not let the stress get to him this summer. “We did the best we could getting the same amount of work done in a lot less hours and with less people here.” Tom reflected that one upside of the compressed workday was that it made the day go by extremely fast. “Making sure we had good communication with offsite people or people on other shifts really helped.”

Production Manager waves
Production Manager Rob at his mobile workstation.

Thanks to improved personal protective equipment and other safety measures, Production returned to working together on a single shift this August. It’s been a while! “Being able to see all of my team again is good,” says Production Manager Rob. “Being on the same shift again and able to see everybody’s face and communicate in person is great.”

It’s been quite an eventful spring and summer this 2020, but thanks to our amazing Production team, we’ve come through with flying colors. Thank you Production!