SiliCode™—First of its Kind Silicone Label

Silicode label for silicone itemsHow do you label a non-stick material? Call up The Label Experts of course! This non-stick material conundrum was first brought to us here at EIM by a manufacturer of silicone tubing for automobiles. Silicone is an extremely versatile material that has vital roles in the automotive, aerospace, coating, and injection molding industries—its non-stick attributes can make labeling siliconized surfaces extremely tricky. In the case brought to us by the tubing manufacturer, they had tried many different types of labels but had no success. Regular labels simply could not stick to the silicone tubing and kept falling off.

Admittedly, we lacked a label solution for silicone surfaces  at the time, but that never stops The Label Experts! Our Products team worked tirelessly to come up with a solution for a label that could stick to silicone and thus, SiliCode™ was born.

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When our customer finally tested SiliCode™ on their automobile hoses it was the only label that worked, making EIM one of the first label converters in North America to offer a label that bonds to silicone and other ultra-low surface energy surfaces. Since then, customers have turned to EIM for SiliCode™ as the superior label that sticks to their silicone coated parts, airbags, hoses, and more. Where other labels fail to adhere to the non-stick nature of silicone, thanks to our specially formulated adhesive SiliCode™ succeeds!

We are proud to help our customers find a label solution for even the most seemingly impossible applications, like silicone. If you have what seems like an impossible labeling challenge, we will work with you to find the perfect made-to-order solution, even if we need to make a brand-new label!