EIM Internships in New Hampshire

Keene State College Interns
Previous Keene State College interns. Two of the interns in this photo still work with us now—as full time employees!

Are you looking for an internship in New Hampshire to take your business skills to the next level and gain valuable on the job experience? Don’t miss this opportunity! Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. is a family-owned label manufacturer in Keene, New Hampshire. Our doors have been open since 1987, and we’ve been doing internships with Keene State College students for over 15 of them. And we’re looking for YOU! We know what you’re thinking: man, manufacturing is NOT for me. WAIT RIGHT THERE, future Label Expert! The world of manufacturing offers SO MANY opportunities to grow your business skills! In our small business alone, you can gain experience in a variety of fields and disciplines! Previous internships have focused on:

Remote Intern meeting with his manager
Our first remote intern, Alex, meeting with his manager Jason online.
  • Digital marketing, SEO & data analytics
  • ‍IT & desktop support
  • Videography, animation & graphic design
  • Construction & building layout
  • Business development & sales
  • ‍Product development
  • Shipping & receiving
  • ‍Human resources

  You won’t be getting our coffee—you’ll be doing actual WORK, contributing to the company as a whole. Our internships provide you with an opportunity to get your feet wet in a professional setting, and learn new skills to boot. Some of our interns even transition into full-time roles with us after graduating.

Some important things about the way we do work:

  • We offer hybrid and flexible remote work schedules for many of our positions in New Hampshire.
  • Supporting our community is important to us—not just hiring locally (that’d be you!) but also supporting local non-profits, like Hundred Nights, The Community Kitchen, and participating in The Monadnock United Way’s annual Day of Caring.
  • We support our full-time employees furthering their education through tuition reimbursement.
  • We’ve had a Babies at Work program since 2016. Many of our new parents can bring their little one with them to work for their first seven months.
  • We are passionate about employee development and promoting from within. See above comment about hiring interns—that’s our thing.
  • We’re also redesigning our office spaces to better support our staff in our new hybrid work norms.

So, uh… you make stickers?  


EIM employees talking to students at Keene State College's Job Fair
EIM employees talking to students at a Keene State College Internships Job Fair.

We are HARDCORE label nerds. (Want to impress us? Come in knowing the difference between a label and a sticker!) We make high-performance labels for industrial, warehouse, and laboratory markets. High-performance labels=designed to survive extreme environments. Think super-dirty-greasy industrial, freezing liquid nitrogen temps in labs, and scuffed up, high-traffic warehouse floors. Some of our labels even have patents. Oh, and did we mention our Label Experts have achieved the holy grail of label stickiness? A few years ago they successfully designed a label that can permanently stick to non-stick silicone surfaces!

Why do you want to work with me?

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You’ve got the new ideas. The up-to-date know-how—heck, you may even be able to teach us a thing or two! We love meeting students with different perspectives than us. 30+ years in, we know bringing in people from diverse backgrounds and work experiences makes us a stronger, smarter company. And let’s be real, you’ve got mad skills! We know you’re going to help us take EIM to the next level. Get in touch with us about being an intern here at EIM.