How to Buy Lab Labels that Work for Hologic® ThinPrep® 5000 Machines

What kind of lab labels work for Hologic machines like the ThinPrep 5000? Lab labels from vetted Hologic Preferred Suppliers are your best bet. Verified Preferred Suppliers (like The Label Experts!) know how to format your labels so they are readable by Hologic’s complex machinery and individualized for your labs’ unique needs. Early on, we thought every lab using a Hologic machine would have the same standardized label requirements, but that is not the whole picture! While every Hologic client requires configuration readable by both human eyes and the machine’s specifications, these lab labels can be unique to a labs’ individual processes.

A Customized Lab Label Request for a ThinPrep® 5000

Vial and slide labels for use with Hologic lab machine

A health collaborative needed reliable labels to put on slides and vials to identify patient specimens. As a part of specimen analysis, their labels travel through their ThinPrep 5000. The two-label set they required consisted of a barcoded tube label and corresponding slide label with text. Although they came to us because of our experience as a Hologic Preferred Supplier, they had other concerns as well. In addition to being readable by their ThinPrep machine, these lab labels needed to stay legible through various chemical tests. We were able to steer them towards upping their labels’ chemical resistance by using laminate over the print. This design provided maximum durability during testing, and was ultimately what they decided to purchase. Following up a few weeks after purchase, they assured us that the labels were looking great and doing their job well!

How to Order Custom Lab Labels Compatible with Hologic® Machines

Do you need to buy customized labels for your lab that are compatible with a Hologic machine? Whether you use a Panther System, Fusion, Plus, Link, Trax, or ThinPrep, we’ve got you covered! Getting the exact labels your lab needs is easy! Here’s how:

  • Get ahold of The Label Experts by filling out our web form or call us at 800.535.6987
  • Tell us which Hologic machine you use and your specific labeling needs
  • We’ll send you FREE Hologic machine compatible label samples
  • Test the samples in your lab process to ensure suitability
  • Send us a physical sample/PDF of your current labels and we’ll match the layout
  • Work with us to build out your ideal label configuration
  • Review the proof (image) of the label
  • Place your custom lab label order!

It’s worth noting that most of our Hologic clients only need to go through the above process one time! Once we get through the testing and verification of your first order, reorders are easy! Simply call or email your Label Expert, and tell them you want to reorder. They’ll ask you a couple questions (such as verifying the starting point for your sequential data, if you’re using variable data) and that’s it.

Ready to get started? Ask for free samples of labels for your Hologic machine!