Bunk Tags—Debunking the Bunk

Bunk tags - Caskets in storage“What The Bunk?”

We recently received a phone call with a unique request. The label seeker declared a need for “bunk tags” to track their inventory. Admittedly, we were a little perplexed by the phrase, but here at EIM, we love a new challenge!

As it turned out, they worked for a leading casket manufacturer. We appreciate the process of discovering unique solutions for our clients, and while this opportunity was no nail in the coffin for us, we still had to know more…

We were happy to leave the inside-the-box thinking to them. As a top casket company, they craft personalized coffins and caskets for our dearly departed. They are experts on building caskets, the history of caskets, and all things in the coffin business. Their premium hardwood coffins have special features like decorative plaques, embroidered pillows or blankets, and drawers for keeping mementos inside. These “bunks” are top-of-the-line.

Knowing the importance of these custom resting places, it is easy to understand the value and need for proper tracking! We know that to best serve clients, it is crucial to be 100% accurate and timely. This is true of all manufacturers, from labels to coffins! Once we learned their scale of operation and “what the bunk?” we were able to make a sure-fire recommendation.

To keep track of their vast inventory, they use our extra-tough, High-Temperature Thermal Transfer Tags. These custom thermal transfer labels handle the both storage and transfer processes extremely well. They stay attached and do not tear if bumped up against other caskets or racking.

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