Industrial Packaging Labels, Graphite, and a More Sustainable Future

Environmentally friendly technologies are taking the world by storm. Many nations are making implementation of green tech a top priority. A key component of making this all possible is the manufacturing of electric vehicle batteries and energy storage devices. One of these manufacturers came to The Label Experts with a situation that was impeding their current process. They manufacture synthetic graphite, a key component of sustainable energy storage. Their product is safer, faster to charge, lasts longer, is more sustainable to manufacture, and recyclable. However, residue from the graphite on the outside of their packaging led to the labels they were using not sticking properly and falling off. They needed industrial packaging labels that are strong enough to stick to the package despite the fine graphite residue.

Our team was more than up for the challenge and quickly sent them two different samples for testing. Both of which had an aggressive adhesive for hard to label surfaces. Sure enough, both labels passed testing! Our rugged plastic thermal transfer label was greenlighted to help them keep on chugging along producing their synthetic graphite, without the risk of their product information labels falling off. The Label Experts are up to any challenge presented by hard to label surfaces. So, if you are a sustainable tech or any industrial manufacturer and your current industrial packaging labels aren’t cutting it, do not hesitate! Contact us and let’s get started finding you the perfect solution!