Ambient Warehouses: The Behind the Scenes Ecommerce Ecosystem

When you find yourself in need of some retail therapy, chances are you log onto your favorite online store and shop away. When you find the item you need or want, you click add to cart, check out, and then the waiting for your package to arrive begins. But where do these items you buy online come from? Well, there are a lot of different answers to that question but more than likely, your items come from an ambient warehouse. Ambient warehouses are more important to you and the greater ecommerce economy than most people know, making it crucial to keep them running like a well-oiled machine. A catalyst in accomplishing this are specialized ambient warehouse labels.

Warehouse racks filled with boxes - warehouse location labels

The environment within an ambient warehouse is dry, clean, and room temperature. It is these qualities that make ambient storage one of the most prominent types of storage, as the goods stored here don’t require any type of temperature control.  Most ecommerce products (excluding food and other perishables) call for this type of storage. Ambient warehousing is among the fastest growing type of warehousing in the world as it is the storage of choice for most ecommerce companies and their products.

Labels for ambient warehouses keep operations moving in an efficient and accurate manner. Here at EIM, we have a plethora of products ideal for ambient warehouses across the world. With our many made-to-order options, you are sure to find the perfect labeling solution for any ambient storage needs:

Our retro-reflective labels are perfect for long range scanning from forklifts.

Rack and beam location labels ensure warehouse pickers (whether human or autonomous mobile robots) retrieve the correct product in a timely manner.

Pallet labels (including ones that can stick to shrink wrap) assist forklift drivers by making sure built pallets are placed and moved to the appropriate location, bolstering warehouse organization and efficiency.

Everpeel® is a removable and reusable label that is cheaper and lighter than magnetized location markers, and will stick to surfaces other than metal, like wood, aluminum, cardboard, and many more surfaces—making it a versatile alternative to magnets.

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There is a lot going on behind the scenes to get packages where they need to go. Ambient warehouses are a pillar of our ecommerce economy, making it important that the right organization techniques help warehouse professionals keep this ecosystem moving. If you are looking for labels for your ambient warehouse, look no further—The Label Experts are sure to have the perfect solution for you!