Microscope Labels – An Optical Reunion: Customer Spotlight

Grey MicroscopeOne of our interesting customers that purchases microscope labels has a remarkable history dating back to the mid-1800’s when they first opened their doors as a workshop for precision mechanics and optics in Germany. Their incredibly complex work covered a wide range of product development. By defining the criteria of sharper imaging in optical lenses, they achieved international recognition. To enhance the contrast in lab specimens, they used luminescence in designing new microscopes. Work on optical measuring devices to analyze the composition of both solids and liquids proved valuable to the food, medicine, metallurgy and metal processing industries.

They found uninterrupted success for nearly a century, but with WWII the company had to adapt to some pretty critical changes. Their factory was partially destroyed and key staff members were deported to the US occupation zone where they later continued operations. After the war, the partitioning of their homeland led them to split into two companies―one in East Germany and the other in West Germany―each with their own political, economic and social conditions. This story has a happy ending though, thanks to political changes that came about in 1990 when the two companies were able to reunite into a single company once again!

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Today, they remain a front runner in the optics industry providing incredible products such as eyeglass lenses, binoculars, rifle scopes, camera lenses, planetariums, microscopes and more. Their work in microscopy and industrial metrology is complimented with semiconductor technology, microelectronics and life sciences. With over 24,000 employees in 30 production facilities and 50 offices, they are truly a global science and technology leader.

It’s always fascinating to see what role EIM plays in such enterprises. In the case of this optics giant, we provide their US operations with sequentially numbered XyResist® Polyester Barcode Labels, made with special chemical-resistant materials that hold up to xylene and other harsh chemicals used in laboratory slide applications. How appropriate for microscope devices – durable labels meeting long-standing, high quality standards!