Chemical ID Labels: A Key to Success

Chemicals are an important part of many businesses. In labs, doctors’ offices, and even manufacturing facilities, chemicals play a crucial role. But there are many different kinds of chemicals—knowing the exact chemical you are using is very important, this is where quality chemical ID labels come in.

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Can you imagine the consequences of using the wrong chemical in your workplace? The corrosive nature of some chemicals can cause labels to eventually peel, and can fade or sometimes destroy label print—meaning the important information on your label is lost forever. You want to avoid these disastrous outcomes at all costs. After all, your products might get ruined or even worse, people may get hurt. Worry not, The Label Experts have an arsenal of chemical identification labels to help you avoid catastrophes for customers of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to our specialty adhesives and durable label lamination, our products are up to the task.

Labs and Healthcare Facilities

chemical resistant test tube labels

Lab and healthcare businesses need chemicals to keep facilities, instruments, and assets safe and clean. Knowing what type of chemical is being used to clean with keeps patients and medical professionals safe. Certain chemicals are also used in laboratory experiments and processes. Using the wrong chemical means ruined experiments, injured scientists, and massive setbacks.

Manufacturing Facilities

Blue drum for liquids outdoors

Not only are chemicals themselves manufactured, but they are also used to create other products. These are things we use every day, like electronics, lightbulbs, and more. Using an improperly labeled chemical during the manufacturing process can lead to total product failure, and thousands of lost dollars. Not to mention, it can potentially hurt employees or customers. It’s important your employees know what chemical they are using, and if necessary, be warned about the dangers associated with them. Whether it’s a spray bottle in a doctor’s office, jar in a lab, or drum in a manufacturing facility, we have the experience and products you need to make sure no chemical remains a mystery. Talk to The Label Experts about your chemical ID label needs ASAP before chemical confusion plagues your place of work!