Meet The Label Experts—Cecilia Robinson

Label Expert Cecilia and son on a hike

Cecilia Robinson has been with EIM since September 2015, when she joined as a Production / Planning intern. She went on to intern in Product Development while earning her Sustainable Product Design major, before joining us full time as a Product Assistant. Fast forward to today, she is our Quality Coordinator & Product Specialist in the Products & Innovation department!

Cecilia’s personal history with internships and her desire to give back to her community have spurred her on to be involved with many of EIM’s internships. “I have this thing about passing on the torch. I love giving interns some direction in their careers and helping them find their place in the world.” After a lull in internships due to the pandemic, Cecilia was the first to volunteer when the company started work with Keene State College’s LINKs Program for high schoolers entering college in the fall. “I was like, Ooh, me! Me! Me! Please, please, please! I got really excited we were doing internships again.” Cecilia spent part of this summer supervising two local students.

Working in Products & Innovation has seen Cecilia tackle many interesting R & D projects. Some of the most notable projects she’s been involved with have been bringing on a paper beverage label with a cold temperature adhesive that can be applied to damp surfaces, a lower cost durable vinyl for outdoor equipment tracking, and a clear glossy polyester label, all products our customers use to this day! The quality side of Cecilia’s job sees her helping every EIM department ensure only the highest quality labels go out to our customers. And internally, Cecilia always has a few things on the burner to help us improve how well work gets done.  When something goes wrong and it’s not caught before it ships, Cecilia acts as the point person between customers and the rest of our team to fix the issue.

A mom, wife, and cat person, Cecilia treasures spending time with loved ones, and is the first to arrange hangout time with friends and family. “I love my two-year-old—playing with him is a big part of my life right now. I’ve also recently taken up knitting, but it hasn’t reached full blown hobby level for me yet.”

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Label Expert Cecilia and Family in front of race car

During the summer when she’s not onsite at EIM or having surprise pop-up meetings with her two-year-old co-worker at the home office, you’ll find Cecilia cheering for her husband Kyle at the racetrack. “I really enjoy our local short track races. It’s Kyle’s thing, but I’ve always enjoyed being a part of it with him. I enjoy being a spectator and sometimes I’ll even be part of the pit crew.” Flexibility for family life was one of the big factors that influenced Cecilia’s decision to further her career at EIM. “One of the big things that keeps me here is the ability to have a flexible schedule in times of need. Being able to work at home is also a plus. I don’t have to feel bad if my kid has a cold and needs to go to the doctor,” Cecilia says, noting that while she didn’t get to participate in EIM’s Babies at Work program because of COVID-19, she got to work at home and care for Levi at the same time, which was even better. “I’ve watched people in my life go through jobs where the bosses just make them feel bad for missing a single day of work. And EIM is like, no, don’t feel bad! You’re allowed to have a life outside of work. When things come up, they try to accommodate you and help you figure out how you can still get your hours in. And that makes me want to do more and care more for the company, because I feel like they care about me too.”

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