Buyer Beware: Don’t be Fooled by Counterfeit Printers & Scanners

counterfeit label printer

Hunting for a cheap printer or scanner? Don’t be fooled by too-good-to-be-true prices! There’s been an uptick in fraudulent products being hawked online lately—and that includes label printers and barcode scanners.

As an authorized reseller of many industrial printers and scanners, we’re always happy to provide our customers with label related hardware, but we understand the urge to comparison shop when investing in pricey quality products. However, in the case of  label printers and scanners, sometimes too good to be true prices are just that—way too good to be true. Here’s how to avoid being scammed when you’re looking for a deal on quality hardware.

How to Tell if Scanners or Printers are Counterfeits

You’re bargain hunting and find the exact scanner you’re looking for on a popular ecommerce platform—and it’s a hundred dollars cheaper than anywhere else! But wait, you think, that’s a lot cheaper than it’s listed anywhere else I can buy this scanner. Is this too good to be true?

First, check out the reviews. Sometimes previous buyers will post reviews detailing that what they thought was a brand name scanner was actually a completely different product encased in what looked like the brand name scanner’s outer shell. Our Products manager recently stumbled on just this scenario on a popular ecommerce platform. If that’s the case, take your money and run away to a legit seller!

But what if there are no product reviews? You’re itching to pounce on those discounted label printers that are the exact model your business needs, for half the price no less! That leads us to our second method of scam detection: look for the manufacturer’s part number to cross reference. A legitimate reseller will list this in their product information. No part number? Hmm, we’re smelling a potential fake.

Last but not least, when investigating whether or not you’re looking at a legitimate piece of hardware, check out who the product is sold by. Does this look like a legitimate company to you? Could be? Well, we’ve got one last fraud check for you to do. Look for the business address of the seller. Now, put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and do a quick online search. “Where are [brand name] scanners manufactured?” Now, cross check your findings with the seller’s business address. Are you looking at locations on two completely different continents? Do not pass go. Time to take your hard-earned hardware dollars to a legitimate seller.

Doing the Research Will Always Be Worth It

  We know making an investment in quality hardware can sometimes put a strain on your resources. But in the long run, purchasing legit, quality printers and scanners will benefit your company. Not only by performing the job you need them to do for longer, but in the event of breakdowns or technical difficulties, purchasing a legitimate product will entitle you to technical support from your product’s original manufacturer or authorized reseller.

Follow the fraud check steps above and you’re sure to find printers and scanners from legitimate resellers that will stand the test of time.